My BOINC Journey - Week 1

3년 전

So in my last post on Steem I gave an overview of BOINC and how to make money with it. BOINC is software that users can give processing power to projects, such as mapping cancer cells, curing diseases, etc. I'm really liking it.

How Much I've Made

Yay, so I've been running it steady on one of my smaller servers. I've also been running it off and on with my Android phone and tablet. So how much have I made?

Week 17.78883 MB ($0.42)38.4689 BBP ($0.02)N/A$0.44 USD

Adding Gridcoin

So far I've been earning with Byteball and BiblePay. But this week I will get Gridcoin up and running. What's cool is you can earn with all three!

If you have any spare computing power, on desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, server, etc, you can run BOINC (I will add a guide), and earn some coins. You can even change the amount of power it uses, and can tell it to work only when your computer is idle.

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Just a small addition to your article:

Either you crunch Byteball and Gridcoin or Byteball and Biblepay.
You can't crunch all 3 projects simultaneously because both Gridcoin and Biblepay still have team requirements.


There is a 10% bonus for guys in Byteball team, so depending of Gridcoin payout it can be interesting to crunch only for Byteball.


I think Biblepay have no team requirement.


BiblePay is planning to remove their team requirement in 2 weeks with their next mandatory. However, they have blacklisted all other crypto mining teams from earning rewards with them. If you are on team Gridcoin, Byteball, or Neumannium(?) you cannot receive BiblePay rewards.


FYI: with Byteball you will receive $1 for every 100,000 points and an additional 10% bonus if you’re a member of the team.