A book that fits all tastes

2년 전

Nobody has to start reading with a world classics or with Unconditional. There is always a book that fits all tastes, just look for it, as you watch a hundred movie trailers for three hours for two hours of good movies.


Come to the scientific part. What I'm saying above is perhaps the choice of wrong books and the undeveloped reading of what I think is a more main reason than the brain path. I used to blame people who didn't read books at all. Already the idea of this article came out of there. Maybe I'm getting too brutal. I wonder if this was a freak.


45.3% of the readers read irregular, randomly selected books. Most of them do not follow a regular writer and do not choose a publisher. In fact, most of the people who are studying are not aware of what they are reading or why they are reading. Which is one of the biggest factors in the habit of reading books.

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