#PinkReads - All The Books : September 2019



I suppose that telling you all that September was a fantastic book month for me is probably a moot point, right? Since I've been going on and on about how I'm supposed to be saving for the next warehouse sale and all that...?

So let's get into it, then, hey?

Bargain Books SA Warehouse Sale

Since there are too many books to mention, why not watch my #BookHaul video on YouTube instead:

Books For Review / Promotion

I received a few books directly from the authors themselves, one of whom is South African and who I just happen to chat with on an almost daily basis.

The Quiet Voice and Just To Feel by fellow Capetonian Charmaine Sims-Smit; she even signed them for me in pink ink #HeartEyes

Peter (P J) Burman sent me a copy of his first book, Vengeance Of Hope, so lookout for a review on this real soon. Also, Peter has a website that serves as a companion into the Silrith series, bringing the Bennvikan world to life - enter Silrith's Portal : https://www.pjbermanbooks.com/the-bennvikan-world

2019-10-30 02.04.19 1.jpg

Bargain Books SA very kindly gifted me with 2 books for review; My Brother's Name Is Jessica by John Boyne (https://mrpinkink.wordpress.com/2019/10/04/what-the-fuss-is-all-about-my-brothers-name-is-jessica-by-john-boyne-book-review-035/) and Romanov by Nadine Brandes (https://mrpinkink.wordpress.com/2019/10/30/mixing-history-with-fantasy-romanov-by-nadine-brandes-book-review-36/).

I also received my first package from a publisher; NB Publishers, the largest general publisher in the South African book market, and the leader in adult fiction, nonfiction, children’s and youth fiction, kindly sent me a couple of Afrikaans books for promotion.

Wundersmith, along with Nevermoor, by Jessica Townsend have both been translated into Afrikaans by the very talented Jaco Jacobs and a copy of Wondersmid has been gifted to me along with a copy of Elf Dae In Oxford (Eleven Days In Oxford) by South African author Elizabeth Wasserman.

SA Book Swap & A Gift


I received this second-hand hardback copy of a Robert Louis Stevenson omnibus which includes Treasure Island, Kidnapped & The Black Arrow in the most recent SA Book Swap in a buried treasure themed box.

And, finally, a friend gave me a paperback copy of Lost And Found by Brooke Davis as a gift

Which books did you get in September? Would love to know your thoughts on any of these, as well, so hit me up in the comments below; let's chat. Until next time...

Keep smiling

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I am not a big book reader, I mostly do reading when on vacation, but my wife just loves reading. In my actifit post of yesterday, I took her to a car boot sale (she did not really want to go), where I was expecting to find some old car parts, and there she was the only one who found something to her liking and it was books!!


Book people are awesome people!!! I, too, would dig out the books at a car boot sale, lol!! Luckily for me my family all reads; unluckily, I have to keep them away from my books!!

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