Steemit will become the new google | google everythging I mean everything google your dreams google your problems don't ask questions before you google it

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I highly recommend this read this little book!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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I love you idea thanks for sharing. And I try read this book

You are right, it's possible that steemit can be the next google. I like this app built on steem blockchain, it's easy to find anything on steemit :


Thanks for letting me know about asksteem!

There is one Dapp called also a interesting innovation


Yeah, I knew about it, I always liked websites where you can ask any question and people answer you. I'm learning about steempress now, I think it's something interesting also if we have an easy tool to create a website on steem blockchain. I'm not a developer but I like to have my own website in the future, for now I have only blogspot page and I even baught a domain for that, here is it : , but I didn't find time to write more there and to promote that.

Woow I love this
we don't come out of the womb knowing who we are thanks @nathanmars this is worthy reading

I really loved the line Steal like an Artist.
I will try to read this book



It's really worth reading! Specially for us creative people :)


Yes definitely i need some motivation , little bit depressed these days :|
Need to move out from this situation as soon as possible .


This person will give you inspiration and motivation


Thanks a lot bro :)

@nathanmars, I understood what you told seriously. Steemit is a our genius platform & every steemians attend here with us. So In future steemit can be next google search engine. Why I telling like that? Steemit can find everything around the world now and in future don't need to google searching. So I think you gave possible target.

Hi @nathanmars it me your beloved friend @kitani you remember me yea

Nice post made you with love for us @nathanmars thks for post such good post my friend with such a good creation and information given by you @nathanmars who have worked for you deserve to get appricating by all steemit member...

Good luck my friend @nathanmars

Already read it, it's full of wisdom and makes life feel lighter 😊

yes. Theres a heavy weight in your words. Its true that this plaform is increasing in tremendous speed soon it will become a huge platform applicable of finding whatever you want to know. Thanks for sharing your view friend.