Book Review: Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein

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I'm an avid reader and this sounds real good. I have been reading more and more non-fiction lately- ever since the election last year.
Great books out there about the economy, politics and alternative everything!

will have to look this one up at the library- thnx!


Thanks, I'm happy you liked it. And yes, please do. I love to read too, but there are only a few books would gladly recommend to EVERYONE. This is one of them. But you know, you don't need to look for it at the library. Eisenstein gives it away for free, just as he's urging us to do the same. Here is the link to get the .pdf:

I hear music


Oh, they are still just tuning their instruments. Wait till the symphony starts!

Excellent review. These ideas will resonate in the years to come and provide alternative ideas and a complementary voice if there is a global economic downturn.

Wealth is being, currency is attention, material is its derivative, the economy is an exchange of all of these things and joy is aligning with the universal dance of exchange.


Wise words, @contemplate. They suit your name and avatar pic. :-)

Thanks for this bro! You know I'm not mother tongue and I just loved the simplicity of the phrases you put up and how you get to the point. I'm a believer, even only intuitively, in gift economies, but still miss the 'literature' on the topic so I really appreciate it, you finally convinced me to take this book out of my 'to read list' and give it a nice read sooner than later


Nice! I appreciate your comment. You know, I'm no mother tongue either (though English is one of my better languages), but even for native speakers, I can't stand long winded explanations and complexity just for complexity's sake. To me it sounds pretentious and I lose interest. Which is also why I love Eisenstein's book. Easy to read, easy to follow, unlike most works on economics.

Wow I've been wanting to read this book too! It's free on his website?! Didn't even know. Thanks for the review!

I waited for this book my entire life. or at least by his doctrine.

Thanks for the review!