The Importance of Reading: Article for Men

4년 전

Talk Tactic just released a new video on our channel you can see that here.

In the above video we ask the guys watching to leave a comment with a book you're reading and why.

Also if you'd like us to check out a book and cover some topics from it we'd be glad to take a look.

So for now I'm going to list a few books I've finished, working on, or are on the waiting list.

a. The Rational Male Vol 1-3 Rollo Tomassi.
b. The Complete System of Self Healing Internal Exercises Dr Stephen T. Chang.
c. How to be a 3 Percent Man Corey Wayne.
d. Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion Paul A. Laviolette.
e. The Feminist Lie Bob Lewis.
f. The Cure is in the Cupboard Dr. Cass Ingram.
g. Secrets of Longevity Dr. Maoshing Ni.
h. How to be a Billionaire Martin S. Fridson.
i. 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary Dr. Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis.
j. Inventions of Nikola Tesla a Complete Set of Patents.
k. The Female Brain Louann Brizendine, M.D.
l. Breatheology Stig Avall Severinsen.
m. Clean Skin From Within Dr. Trevor Cates.
n. Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis.
o. The Books of Enoch.
p. The Book of Jasher Ken Johnson Th.D

I'm very interested in seeing your list of top books or a great book you're working on now.

Also check out one of our blooper vids from the other night.

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Great Video...


Thanks Michael. These tasks on Kryptonia are awesome.

Another great video again. I'm going to read the Book of Enoch. I heard that book mentions many strange things buddy. Good JOB!


Thanks! Oh yes it's really interesting. It talks about mermaids, giants, the flood, Angels coming down to earth. Lots of things.


Uh ohhh! Spoiler alert 🤔🤔
Anyway, I like sci-fi stories buddy.
You should post also here the blooper vid buddy.


That blooper vid is the sec vid in the article. One with open mouth. :)


wow its interesting ...sometimes we have to read on things like this and even believe they exists for our balance

I have been reading the books of Napolion Hill THINK AND GROW RICH. HAVE YOU READ IT?


That's a great book! I heard the audio version. Thank you.

Beam me up!

Great video man. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

Wojajajja i can't help myself from laughing on the 2nd video

Great post,thanks for sharing..hope I can also read that books

if i had a dirty mind i would write something about the 2 picture but i don't :)


dont have a dirty mind green minded instead hahahahahha...unsolicited advice from a 65 years old woman ehheheheh


Honestly, I don't think I have ever read a whole book through. I have always been one to reading articles rather than full books. Even in High School, I just went through cliff notes (don't know if those are still around).
Looking back I wish I had the will to read through a whole book. Good thing my kids take after their mother and love to read.
Great Job @taylorjonathan


Thanks cryptomaap. I just started mostly in the last year or so.


try reading a book in its entirity and wow you will find out believe me that you have found another best friend forever (BFF)

@traylorjonathan ...thats great man...the most intresting post i.e importance of reading...and the best part is the name of books and authors u have provided in the post....i would love to read "Jasher Ken Johnson's " book at first...thankyiu so much for providing a solid material.


You're welcome. I'd love to hear your book recommendations.


Yeahh sure man....i think my next post should be regarding books and authorss....thanks alot sirr......

Reading is v healthy for the brain . We should try getting off from mobile or computer and get indulged in some healthy reading which relieves stress too


even at 65 my day is incomplete sans reading anything ...good points my friend


Yes reading is a very good exrrcise for brain and a great anti depressent too. It takes you to another world .


Thanks. I'd like to hear any recommendations.

Hello fellow bookworm! I'm currently reading "All that remains" by Patricia Cornwell.


Thanks! I'm thrilled to get all the cool recommendations.


To be honest @traylorjonathan, you'd never go wrong with David Baldacci's books though mehehe I recommend it to you a 100% !

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interesting post..great video

Thank you for the great video.

Wow! This is very informative. Thank you for sharing.

Very good post @traylorjonathan. I love the books of Jasher and Enoch. The others on your list I have not read.

Finished the Rum Diaries, i enjoyed it and now I moved to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep because I saw Blade Runner old and new ... book is completely different ...and that a good topic books and movies...movies and books


I think I'll have to read that book also. Thank you.

Oh gotta read some of the books.


You'll enjoy. :)

i am a feminist and will love reading The Feminist Lie by Bob Lewis.....will try harm in trying...everyday is alearning day and my day is incomplete sans a book


Thanks! Would love to check out your list of top 10 books. :)


Thanks! Reading any good books?

Great list and nice video - funny - need to check those books - thanks for sharing

great idea man. nice post keep it up...

I'm not a man, and I don't read books anymore at all. I write them instead. I am mostly on the internet working and when I'm not I'm sleeping or doing chores.

The last book I read that helped me was The Secrets of Six Figure Women and I recommend it to any man or women who is trying to improve their success story. I used to keep a few copies of it on hand and give it to people who needed help with their careers. I was thanked many times.

This book has many examples of how people can do better, but this is one of the ideas:

Anyone can be a restaurant worker. But how and where you do it makes a big difference.

  • work in fast food - cr@p job; cr@ap pay
  • work in a nice family friendly chain restaurant - thing are somewhat better
  • work in a 5* restaurant - better conditions; much better pay
    In all three cases you are doing the exact same job.

I was working in accounting at the time I read this book and more than doubled my income in the next two years and did succeed in earning over $100K a year.

Coming to you from @kyrptonia - upvoted and resteemed :)


Thanks for this. I'm looking forward to reading this book.

jajajajja great job!!! Done kryptonia: Juancarlos2906

Great post! i'm going to read the Inventions of Nikola Tesla a Complete Set of Patents. I know a little bit about him, and his "battle" with Thomas Edison for the use of the direct current and alternating current, but i want o learn more about his other inventions!

Thanks for sharing bro!.


thanks for the great info.

I couldn't watch the video cos of poor network server. i'm sure you make alot of sense! Bravo...

Learned a lot from this video

great idea man Nice article :)

I agree, you have explicitly pinpointed the pros of reading and it will be a great tip for everyone.

Good information will have to check those books.

nice video...great job...hope I can read that book soon.

guess you can put anything on the internet

how about sharing too old favorites like Dennis Robbins,Robert Ludlum , maybe a little of Carlos Castaneda.....


Books takes you to different places, even if its in your head. And i think you become more creative because you're always imagining, and exercising your brain. @traylorjonathan


Staying in the creative mind is great.

Alright no more weed before the shoot guys, or maybe you should smoke another blunt and if you aren't high, then I should be. Thanks for the Task on @Kryptonia and a nice sum of @SuperiorCoin to watch you nuts! #ToTheMoon

Amazing Video Bro and great article. I love reading books too.


Thanks. What book are you working on now? :)

This is really interesting I have about the book of Enoch too I guess I need to get one to read myself

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Looking good is nice business
Reading is very needful. I commend you

seen on Kryptonia, Thank you


You're welcome. I plan to be on Kryptonia a lot more. I've just recently started creating tasks there. It's fantastic.

Thanks, great post! This is robhimself from kryptonia =D

Wow very insightful post!

Currently finishing the book "The principles and POWER OF VISION" by Dr. Myles Munrke

It is interesting and helpful book to empower someone how important personal VISION is.


Thanks Wilson. I appreciate that. I'm going to look that up on amazon.

nice post. i resteem your post. thanks

I think im gonna love this.. Because i love reading fairytale books.. Sounds interesting. @traylorjonathan


liyah09, what's your favorite fairy tale book?


The beauty and the beast.. And til now I'm still reading it and watching all over again.. Hehe

  ·  4년 전

Hey, uvas from kryptonia.

I have just started a book about Putin and his murderous ways. Its called, "Orders to Kill." It gives a pretty good history of how Russain leaders have maintained power through terror. A great book to understand modern Russia.


Now that sounds like a great book! Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Brilliant and have a great day


Thanks ianstevenson.

Nice post, thank you for sharing.


You're welcome. :)

Wow, you have read a lot of books! As the saying goes, "If you encounter a man of rare intellect, you should ask him of what books he reads", you must have that great intellect.


Thanks! I have a long way to go but working on it.

Nice video....bitcoinpaul from kryptonia


desde Kryptonia! buen post!!!


Yes I Upvoted Resteemed and commented with thanx for the useful article.

I love reading anything that will increase my knowledge. I might try one of these. haha!

Every age needs development and thought provoking books, children should start young from 2 or 3. Adults depending on the direction they take may read books such as you mention to get perspective and direction.

Having read a multitude over the years, war books when I was younger since our parents never discussed those years, intrigue to find out more.

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings a bit later, fantasy and characters that made your mind open to the unknown.

Most of Wilbur Smith for local adventure and history neatly carved into written works.

Rich Man Poor Man - Irwin Shaw, when starting out into growth of your own future. Jack Welch - Jack straight from the gut business leadership and development.

Change happens with age and direction seeking out those who appeal to what is of interest in our lives at that given time. Nice article @traylorjonathan


Thanks joanstewart. I like the way you covered the purpose of reading at different stages in life.

upvoted, great article - gerryronnie

Upvoted! Very nice post :)

Great job, it's admirable. As a teacher would tell me, you can live thousands of lives with every book you read. Thank you for your reply.


Thank you so much. I have never heard of her but I'm delighted to get the suggestion. I also agree these issues are very important for us to address.

great video man. thx :)

I have just completed the series of The monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma. Now im spending my free time in this very controversial book The Mistress of Vatican by Eleonor Herman. Thanks for posting some materials to tuckle in the future.


Thanks for adding to my list. :)

very nice… i really like your blog…


Thanks James. I appreciate that.

Great Job! Found you on kryptonia.

Great video! Thank you for sharing. 😊


Welcome. Glad to hear from you.