Bounty comes to those who write

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Here is a detailed post on how you can earn 300 free tokens. If you are on Steemit, you are good to go but if you still haven’t signed up do it right now. As the bounty is being offered to steemit ids only. The bounty is fairly simple, just write a few articles about Boolean and Booleancoin and mention your ethereum wallet address. A max of 3 articles can be written and 300 tokens an be earned this way. Just keep the following points in mind while writing the articles.

The article must:

Contain At Least 150 Words

Mention 'Boolean', 'Booleancoin', and '', and the 'Boolean Hodlers Program'

Contain A link to and to

MUST Have The Tag 'booleancoin' and 'boolean'

MUST NOT Plagiarize

After completion contact@biddle and then you are all set. Your bounty will be transferred in less than a day to your wallet. Keep sharing this, everyone shoukd know about this project and write for the bounty.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I will read about this.