The Two Sides of America's Border Wall Debate

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By: Artemus Bryant

As you may know, a debate by its very definition is an argument between two opposing views on a particular topic. America’s Border Wall is no different. Although, as it is often said, there are two sides to every story. But the real question here is, who is right?

The Two Sides of America's Border Wall Debate

Six years ago a majority of Americans supported building a border wall or fence. This was made public in 2013 when an ABC News/Washington Post survey found that approximately 65 percent of Americans supported building a 700-mile fence along the border with Mexico and adding 20,000 border patrol agents.

However, fast-forward to 2019, and these numbers have basically flip-flopped. The average poll indicates that approximately 58 percent of Americans oppose the building of a wall, whereas 42 percent support it. The debate over the building of America’s Border Wall is both heated and polarizing. Both sides seem to believe that they are correct in their stance.

It bears mentioning that both sides have some very valid points as well. Nevertheless, in the end, I do not believe that this debate will ever end with both sides being 100 percent happy with the outcome. Furthermore, I also believe that the key to ending this debate lies in the collaboration between both sides.

This collaboration I speak of is the combined ideologies of the two opposing sides and the end result is a joint solution. We have already had the longest government shutdown in American history and a possible second shutdown looming. Or is it?

The Democrats are blaming the Republicans and vice-versa. The end result is, regardless of party affiliation, the missed government paychecks affected the government employees equally.
The rhetoric seems to be the same regardless of what side your opinion falls on. The common accolade being hurled by both sides is the word, “un-American”. The Democrats believe that those who support America building a border wall are un-American.

Fundamentally speaking, they (supporters) believe that it sends the wrong message about who we are as a nation. Some have even made the correlation between America’s Border Wall and the Berlin Wall. I, for one, find this type of thinking to be illogical. Simply put, America’s Border Wall would be a divide between two separate countries and not the division of one nation.

The Republicans and those who support the building of a border wall also believe that those who oppose it are un-American. The basis of their claims seems a bit more logical because they see it as not wanting a safe and secure America.

In my opinion, we as Americans are all familiar with the events of September 11, 2001. There are several other events in our more recent history that clearly points to the fact that America has a lot of enemies. As a nation, we have endured, adapted, and grown stronger, but so have our enemies.

As an American and a Veteran, I believe that a more secure nation is a safer and stronger nation. Our laws are in place for a reason. They are there to maintain order and guidelines that all Americans must abide by. I do not believe that it is un-American to expect everyone that enters our great nation to do so legally.

With any finite resource, there are limits and America’s resources are no different. We cannot allow individuals to continuously enter our country unchecked. There needs to be better security at our borders and we need more control over who is allowed to enter.

I will play Devil’s Advocate for a moment and present to you a realistic hypothetical scenario. Let’s say that you are a homeowner with 100 acres of land. Then one day, a family of Americans decides that because their land was no longer fertile enough to grow crops, they move on to yours.

They plant their crops and build their home on your land all without your permission. Would you support building a wall or fence around your property? Would you support laws that would be in place to prevent such a thing from happening? Or, would you do nothing and allow all of your land to be taken over by others? Food for thought.

FREE Land? Well, No, not quite FREE for all. That is why Trump will declare a National Emergency TODAY. $8 billion for border wall. READ more: NBC News

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IMHO everybody should be free to go anywhere in the world, provided that they respect the laws of the hosting country. This will be the inevitable future of mankind here on earth, like you that or not.

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