@dailyupvotes Update 1: Now added to SteemBotTracker

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As of yesterday @dailyupvotes has been added to the website SteemBotTracker, which is a great service provided by witness @yabapmatt that allows you to use steemconnect to interact with different bots.The most important feature of steembottracker is that it tells you the current ROI after curation of each bot, in that way you can make an informed decision before sending a bid.

Creating and running the bot is pretty straight forward if you follow @yabapmatt´s guide, but I must admit I had a difficult time redirecting the api calls trough the SSL certificate, but thanks to @yabapmatt´s help I was able to send the data trough an encrypted connection that provides users with the accurate information of each round. In my opinion this feature makes steembottracker.com a great site to use and it guarantees its users that the bots displayed on the site are legit.

User Guide

Since we launched the bot many of you have asked us how to use the service, for this reason @albertogm decided to create an infographic explaining the process in 3 simple ways:

  1. Go to your wallet
  2. Send at least 0.1 SBD or Steem to @dailyupvotes
  3. Put the link of your post on the memo field

Remember that you can only do this once every 2.5 hours and you can´t vote on posts that are older than 3 days.

New investors

In only 3 days we have seen new investors come in who are currently profiting from delegating their SP to the bot, I would like to thank them and invite more of you to join us as the profit/ratio compared to curating on your own is currently 7 to 1. What I mean is that if you are getting 1 SP from curation right now you should get 7 if you delegate your SP to @dailyupvotes, this is not even considering all the liquid payouts we will be getting from comment´s upvotes!

With @dailyupvotes you have the option to earn without having the technical knowledge of creating and promoting your own bot.

If you wish to delegate SP to the bot, just follow this guide: https://steemit.com/delegation/@timcliff/tutorial-how-to-delegate-sp-to-another-user-using-the-steemconnect-tool-from-busy-org

Crazy ROI

As @dailyupvotes is still pretty new and not many people are using it, we are giving out crazy ROI with our votes, if you don’t believe me head over to steembottracker.com and see for yourself

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Until the next time…

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You got a 13.33% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @hcf27!

I have noted it today! I am using bot services and steembottracker! I saw that bot is running there! I will definitely try him! Thanks for the update!


I think being added to their list really helps when people want to choose a bot to use . Omg lad you’re getting a lot of support in this project because it’s really difficult to deal with . I’ll be sending soon again !!

Hi chitty I would like to ask you about frontrunning. Can I get some info about it? Maybe I can find you on discord?

That's right decision you have, i fully agreed with you. always love to visit your post and Commented for your fair and supportive work.

Wow @chitty thats good. Even im not that good with bots i'll try it .

cheers :)

I Joined steemit in August 2017. In that time Ive posted over 16,00 of my original videos and blog posts. I've made approx 200 usd in sbd & steem.
Honestly I'm dumpster diving for stuff to sell on cregslist lately!
I'm freken broke.
QUESTION....... Is their a users guide to sucking whale cock?
Asking for a friend!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 3.03.08 PM.png

an investment for the foreseeable future

Thanks u for sharing a great information,,, u r cool person 😃 ,,, so good luck my dear friend @chitty 👍👍

You got a 6.34% upvote from @upboater courtesy of @hcf27!

It,s amazing post thanks for sharing............

Glad that it joined in the group ;)
Just used it :)
All the very best !

I Did send you .15 Sbd, but Din't got up vote.
here is the link.

Thanks for the info!

Find a good idea about a site that has been steeped to read your post. I want to get better updates from you........thanks for sharing a blog..........
....................keep it up...............

thanks for your kind information

There is not a single bot with good ROI in steembottracker.com . Right now only those bots give good ROI which are not there .

But being added there is good for Bot .

Thank u for your information

Have never see what or who's up vote is like Dailyupvotes before.

Thanks to you @dailyupvotes

Plz vote my post

ok thanks for your information, I am also on busy but I did not know about the tag busy , wish you a nice day, thank for resteem....