Making @dailyupvotes impossible not to ROI

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As of now @dailyupvotes has been configured to give at the very least 1% ROI, what this means basically is that when the round is full the bot starts refunding bids, which makes it impossible not to ROI.

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-29 a la(s) 13.04.37.png

Like you can see on the picture above, @dailyupvotes is one of the very few bots that offer no risk of losing money, the idea of the bot is for people to be able to promote their post and we don't want people losing money while they do that.

A special thanks to @yababmatt for creating this feature and for his beautiful and unbreakable code (the bot has never ever crashed on us).


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@chitty, @dailyupvotes, yesterday I did not receive an upvote at
I had sent 0.5 SBD => no upvote
Please upvote or refund


Hello, this was very odd, I just upvoted your post personally and I will also be refunding your sbd. I will upgrade the bot and keep an eye out for this bug. Thanks for letting me know.


Thank you very much for a very quick response.


1% ROI is a vague statement. So I want to know if the SP is calculated in the ROI or just the SBD alone. Thanks.

That would be a nice concept! I was loosing a lot of money due to bots in last couple of days! I will try your bot!



i sent .10 but no upvote, it showing no upvote in post


I voted this post to compensate, but can you please send me link to your post to vote it too?

yes great, the new look is great but what about the bidhistory on steembottracker? i just see nothing...

it works again, last few days i have just see blank screen if i try to bid


Yeah it happened to me 2 days, but I think its fixed now.

You got a 60.58% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @hcf27!

Please upvote this comment to support the service.

Great and valuable post.
I completely agree with you.
It is really very important to work accordingly.
It is a big deal that how we can do it for our betterment.

Thanks @chitty for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

Hi Chitty,

What is the way to track the missed upvote?

I transferred 0.100 SBD more than 3 hours back, but have not received any upvote

Post url -


This comment has received a 0.04 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @geeklife.


Sorry, bot was down, should be back up now.


I have upvoted you personally on a couple of yours posts to compensate.


Thanks for your return

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You got a 36.86% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @hcf27!

good i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

(Upvote Request)

wow! this might be a great opportunity for me @chitty cos i use a lot of bot but i am still struggling to make it i will have to give you a try thanks in advance

Vote zlfahmi

Vote saya sudah kirim sbd, 0,100

@dailyupvotes iam send 0.1 sbd i send you 0.1 sbd but you don't give me upvote.please return 0.1 sbd give me.

I had yesterday sent 0.2 SBD, no upvote
Please upvote or refund

My recent paid bid returned a high negative roi, i didn't think that was possible. Could you investigate this post for me please, thank you.

How do i send the sbd?

i had sent you 0.001 sbd and no upvote. pls upvote or refund

22 days, no upvote. I paid 1 Steem, please refund!

  ·  2년 전

I sent the 5 sbd but not vote yet thank

Hi @chitty I've transfered 0.100 SBD to @dailyupvotes for the post indicated in the screenshot but didn't recieved an upvote till now. I know that Steem is down earlier so what happened is understandable, but I didn't see my name on the next round so I decided to comment on this post. Below is the screenshot of the transaction. I hope you can do something about it. Thanks.



@chitty can you atleast give a reply?

@chitty @dailyupvotes I was testing your bid bot . I sent 0.15 sbd

From @steemian007
To @dailyupvotes
Amount 0.150 SBD

But i didn't receive an upvote from @dailyupvotes .

I accidentally sent 0.1 steem without link in memo can I have it back. I sent to daily upvotes

Hi! I sent 1 sbd around 19-20 hours ago. I get a confirmation that the round is full i will be in the next. Since that nothing. I sent also 0.001 with a message but still nothing. Whats happened? Until now i dont experience this with @dailyupvotes. @chitty can i follow up?

Upvote my post


good i am following you and voting you please follow and vote me back

Saya ingin sekali di vote sama anda

All of you can upvote on my post i will do same on your posts..

2 days ago Transfer 1.000 STEEM to dailyupvotes!/v/brokernaples/89ofaix8

and got nothing from you.
Looks like I am not the only one.
Please upvote or refund.

How to increase mh upvote??
Please tell me..

Thanks brother for your guidance is very helpful

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what do delegates get as far as payout

@chitty, @dailyupvotes, yesterday due to HF20 I did not receive proper upvote for my 0.4 steem sent to bot. The post link was
I received only 0.22 $ upvote for 0.4 Steem, Please check and refund balance steem.

Just working my way through the witness list at and have one question, @chitty.

Do you, as a witness, support vote bots?


Hey, thanks for your question. My extended answer:

nice, this sounds pretty good

i need upvote

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@dailyupvotes, @Chitty, Hello friend. Its nice read. Please check my post and upvote if you wanna work together,

Any reason why still no vote from the bot?
Screenshot_2019-03-13 vasilstefanov Steem.png

Me parece excelente para darnos a conocer estoy probando el día de hoy espero me vaya bien.

@chitty, @dailyupvotes transferi 0.20 SBD el dia de ayer y aun no se me retribuye pr favor upvote o reembolso.


Hola @jjmarquez,

Fíjate en tu wallet, el dinero fue regresado porque el post tenia un tag que no se permite en @dailyupvotes.

Te vote yo personalmente de igual forma.


Captura de pantalla 2019-01-17 a la(s) 10.24.01.png


o Disculpa me podrias informar cuales tags estan prohibidos igual manera publique otro post y transferi 0.20 steem. aca te dejo el link , me parece buena iniciativa la que hacen.

@chitty, @dailyupvotes transfer 0.20 SBD yesterday and I still do not get paid pr favor upvote or refund.

The following link does not exist now . Please confirm me where to Upvote? to support the service!