Fake Upvotes, Resteeming To Fake Accounts Or Any Predatory and Misleading Business Practices

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If you are in the business of providing fake upvotes, resteeming to fake accounts or any other misleading or predatory business practices you now have cause to be concerned about.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) just fined a business, Devumi, $2.5m for selling fake twitter followers and likes.

In another case the FTC made an administrative order against Sunday Riley Modern Skincare LL.C for posting fake reviews of its products on Sephora. The administrative order obliges the defendant not to engage in such predatory or misleading conduct in the future. There was no fine imposed on Sunday Riley or its CEO, the subjects of FTC complaints. Though Sunday Riley got off without a fine, the brand damage suffered by it would be huge. Many of the major media houses reported this case!

FTC seeks to protect, among others, the consumers from misleading or predatory business practices.

If you know of any business engaging in such practices you could file a complaint with the FTC at:


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The sanctions might surprise me, but as I assume them as a progression of the existing law against fraud and scams, I understand it and they seem correct.

I take this post to share the news and also see what other people think.


Yes @pedrobrito2004, the FTC has been in existence for sometime. I posted it because I wasn't aware of it and its wide scope and I thought it would be information for others like me.

Wow. I never expected that company can be fined so much for such a small crime.

Thx for this post @devann
Upvoted already :)