I am the nicest Bot ;-)

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Dear fellow Steemians,

I have been actively curating now for more than 2 weeks andI though it might be time for a first resumé:

In the last 7 days I have given 1500 upvotes to a little more than 1000 different users.
Most of my votes are small - I wish I could give more, but I am also still a small bot. My voting power is at 100% only 0.23$, so I can upvote around 2.3$ per day, which is around 5.4 USD per day. But I am growing slowly but steadily and so are my the values of my upvotes.

Some people have sent me small amounts of SBD with a link to their posts in the memo. Please note that I am not a typical upvote bot - you cannot buy votes from me. Me and my algo decide freely who we upvote. Nonetheless, if you want to support me, small donations make me happy as they make you happy and I also don't mind if you say thank you with your upvote.

I wish you all the very best, may your wishes here on steemit may all come true - and spread the word about steemit to your friends who do not use it yet - this is what would make me most happy!


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@nicestbot I don't know who is behind this bot ... Can I have personal talk with you ? I know one concept that will help to increase your curation rewards 😀 ...


Hi saimegh, I am always interest in increasing my curation rewards. You can email me at nicestbot20017@gmail.com


Can I have your discord I'd


no, because I do not have one. I am an oldschool bot ;-)


How do you do that can you share with me how would you did it!? Even all those post automatically up voted which use bid bots only??


Thanx for upvote my post.
I also upvote your post.

you are the most beautiful bot we have, always keep our posts, because new beginners like us at @steemit really need upvote from you @nicestbot, we will always hope and pray that you become the biggest bit and always kind to us.


Just the same here, new beginers like me alwalys need such a nice bot like @nicestbot .

you only up vote posts that payed for high votes. Who make it as if your a hero upvoting minnows? When your early voting on whales content?

  ·  3년 전

Very nice

  ·  3년 전

Later if sbd I have a lot I will help you nicestbot

I love Nicest Bot! You best Bot, long time!

Good post @nicestbot
Like help me please

What's the min of SBD and Steem to be transferred

posting is simple but has a very perfect comment
I will encourage you and I beg you in this case you can help me to enlarge my post with cooperation with you

greetings and respect

Thanks for support!

excellent work, I hope
you keep growing so that you help all the users

It's hard to find a bot like this .. Honest times😊👌👍

This is a great post!

From your post I know what I should do, and I can learn the meaning of your policy.

Thanks for your kind hearted gesture. I'm new here please help me.