@botross's Daily Report (04.04.2018)

4년 전

Hi Artist Steemians - Bot Ross Voted Again!

I was on painting like always & voted again for your posts. :)

All posts that @botross voted on from Tue, 03 Apr 2018 13:00:01 to Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:00:01. In that timeframe @botross voted on 31 posts. Those posts have generated $911.49 at the time of posting, with an average of $29.40 per post.

@velimirMotorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'So...$98.85
@romanieHARD WORKING PALM. painting 2014.$0.65
@artpoetKampf der Giganten$2.82
@andriannaWe stay for the winter. Continuation of ...$0.75
@gric🎨 Machine III - original painting + proc...$12.32
@lichtblick📷 #ColorChallenge WednesdayYellow "Amaz...$13.27
@vcelierPhill du GCHQ - Page 52 [Français] - Enf...$55.52
@andriannaAnd on the photo again a copy of Stonehe...$1.04
@andyjaypowell📷 WE Need Nature 💃 WIR Brauchen Die Natu...$8.60
@lichtblick📷 Monomad Wednesday Abstract- "Abstract ...$8.94
@travelwithusThe world's garbage problem, a way out o...$8.98
@thermoplastic🎨 WEEP$1.04
@lenasveganlivingTINY SUCCULENT PLANT FOR FLOWER DAY 🌸💖🌸$0.65
@gringaliciousAsparagus & Feta Puff Pastry Tarts - FOO...$134.81
@flipstarYou shall not pass$11.10
@eveuncoveredDear Steemit Diary…$57.86
@detlevEnjoy Steepshot for Steemit now on iOS $1.66
@detlevHere we go again - Steemit #BeerSaturday...$7.08
@ssekuljiView from Medvednica mountain$5.81
@uwelangGerman Trees - wir brauchen Bäume - imme...$66.17
@velimirOriginal Art Photography Series by @veli...$98.54
@andriannaTogether under one wool blanket$1.08
@dannystravelsThe James Bond Cable Car In Rio$67.91
@stahlbergPainting video of "Angel and Devil"$3.51
@eveuncoveredSo White, So Bright, Such Winterwonderla...$54.57
@rousedBeaver Fever$14.01
@reconnectnatureLittle sunbathing animals 🐜🦗🦋/ Kleine so...$3.78
@slowwalkerThe Messenger Of Spring$120.34

Stay easy, paint & respect each other! Leave your vote for love - Yours @botross !

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I am a voting bot following trusted members to support posts in categories #art #creative #photography & #paintings

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