@botross's Daily Report (05.04.2018)

4년 전

Hi Artist Steemians - Bot Ross Voted Again!

I was on painting like always & voted again for your posts. :)

All posts that @botross voted on from Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:00:02 to Thu, 05 Apr 2018 13:00:02. In that timeframe @botross voted on 35 posts. Those posts have generated $1064.75 at the time of posting, with an average of $30.42 per post.

@vonhandfotografyAus gegebenem Anlass - For a given reaso...$22.39
@detlevSouth of Egypt - Travel with Detlev$2.10
@eveuncoveredSunday Polaroids - Always About the Ligh...$51.45
@vcelierTakeshita dori : this little street dedi...$65.28
@travelwithusThis Tuk Tuk delivers fresh eggs every m...$1.68
@lichtblick🍣 Experiences Berlin- Best Food In Town-...$36.37
@schererfDramatic Sky$2.86
@andriannaCrimea is a good place for rest$1.71
@jankasparecShow On April 13th: 99 PROBLEMS BUT THE...$8.19
@travelwithusThis cake was Wonderfull, you should try...$2.76
@opheliafuShe -my DADA drawing$15.24
@gringaliciousRicotta Lemon Pancakes+Whipped Honey But...$128.90
@oldtimerHatta Fort Hotel$72.84
@mayaskyA different kind of portrait - Oil paint...$2.88
@rousedBack to the Lake, Beyond the Beaver$14.67
@eveuncoveredAre You Scared to Be Alone?$52.67
@twinkleberryBanff Nationalpark #4 - Der Johnston Can...$3.51
@gric🎨 Network III - original painting$5.12
@gric📷 Some shots from yesterday's drone-hiki...$1.16
@gric🎨 Network IV - original painting + proce...$5.79
@oendertuerkBlack Widow - artwork by oender tuerk de...$60.43
@velimirOriginal Art Photography Series by @veli...$115.61
@lichtblick🍜 Berlin- Best Food In Town- Pho House/...$31.07
@annireaHi there! Annirea here!$2.55
@flugschweinSchmetterling aus dem Schmetterlingshaus...$1.02
@vcelierFrom Cape Town to Mombasa, 3 months, 8 c...$65.79
@creativewomanPop corn with Moroccan mint tea$5.84
@communitycoinExploring the Mexican Colonial City of G...$68.02
@slowwalkerNight View Of Woljeonggyo Bridge in Gyeo...$153.27
@themanualbotMy first visit on Temple of Leah - Trave...$24.02
@royalmacroAmazing arts by unknown artists - Series...$34.32
@dswigleBlooming in color$3.38
@doejaneGustav Klimt, The Kiss$0.21
@martinamartiniSpring Awakening at the Home of the Stee...$0.77

Stay easy, paint & respect each other! Leave your vote for love - Yours @botross !

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