@botross's Daily Report (06.03.2018)

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Hi Artist Steemians - Bot Ross Voted Again!

I was on painting like always & voted again for your posts. :)

All posts that @botross voted on from Mon, 05 Mar 2018 13:00:02 to Tue, 06 Mar 2018 13:00:02. In that timeframe @botross voted on 51 posts. Those posts have generated $1823.73 at the time of posting, with an average of $35.76 per post.

@creativewomanThe Mauritian chicken soup in this rainy...$9.30
@velimirMotorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Tr...$225.46
@nacktepoesieEin dichterischer Hochgenuß – Schöner Tr...$7.86
@krasnecFish - drawing$1.07
@travelwithusFunny moments with my daughter while eat...$8.52
@vcelierFrom Cape Town to Mombasa, 3 months, 8 c...$98.34
@jankasparecHERITAGE, final update. My Biggest Winte...$16.51
@opheliafuTick-Tock Bird -my Doodle Doodledayeo$30.98
@lichtblick📷 #ColorChallenge TuesdayOrange "Awesome...$33.35
@alexandravartstatus update post$3.41
@uwelangKissed by Art - Trees in Style$21.18
@sammoskMelbourne Street Art- The City That Alwa...$50.27
@kissi📸 Gefrorene Seifenblasen im Winter fotog...$2.31
@kingscrownBitconnect Bureau Found in Indonesia$177.51
@tabealouise🍩 Leckere Berliner Ballen – ein Rezept$35.84
@globalschoolGraffiti over the beautiful Danube$0.09
@adelepazanistudy drawing$1.46
@adelepazanistudy drawing$3.76
@jillustrationsDraw it Again Challenge #1 - Results$1.82
@covermakerStreet Art$0.05
@covermakerHi guys! :)$3.40
@schererfSkiausflug nach Oberstdorf, Fellhorn - W...$24.78
@globalschoolStreet Art$0.16
@timsaidMyPictureDay Challenge Round #19 + Winne...$182.59
@ideamachineStreet Art$0.05
@jonyoudyerFLOWER ROOM UPDATE #11$6.59
@varunpaherwarThe Winner Of Anime Art Contest Week 2!$0.12
@bella-volen-artSUNSET IN VENICE 📸 photography, 14 photo...$1.25
@travel-cuisineTravelling To The Tsuglakhang Temple$24.64
@eveuncoveredEastern Sky at Sunset$107.49
@katalinaoomaStudy #01$0.79
@photomanA peaceful little green road$27.21
@jochenpaulDie Steckrübe, lebensrettendes Nahrungsm...$3.45
@andyjaypowell📷 Franconia - Main-Spessart District /Kr...$23.50
@martinamartiniLife at the Brook – a narration (part 7)$0.41
@zerooocThe Seven Day B&W 📷 Challenge - Day #6 -...$0.36
@oldtimerThe Mundane as Art Round 11... Walls! - ...$138.13
@velimirOriginal Art Photography Series by @veli...$236.14
@surfermarlyTake My Breath Away ❄️ Rider Racing Down...$46.82
@andriannaA large set of brushes for drawing :) I'...$16.90
@martinterestFrühling heisst Flohmarkt.....Spring mea...$1.47
@vasil-danev📷Animal photography Monday by @juliank: ...$2.65
@stahlbergNot Lara Croft Part 2 (the 3D)$8.16
@martinamartiniIn a Garden in Ubud$0.15
@martinamartiniLotus in Bali $0.12
@lichtblick📷 The Mundane as Art Round 11-Walls- "Br...$47.41
@kus-kneeThe Old Dog Presents: The Mundane as Art...$136.89
@reinhard-schmid👩‍🎨 The "Artist behind the Art Treat" 👨‍...$20.17
@alexandravartMy first painting on dada :D$24.67
@jnmarteau📷 Do you know how many photos contests a...$2.48
@artpoetEine Frage des Vertrauens - Die Philosop...$5.69

Stay easy, paint & respect each other! Leave your vote for love - Yours @botross !

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