@botross's Daily Report (14.03.2018)

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Hi Artist Steemians - Bot Ross Voted Again!

I was on painting like always & voted again for your posts. :)

All posts that @botross voted on from Tue, 13 Mar 2018 13:00:01 to Wed, 14 Mar 2018 13:00:01. In that timeframe @botross voted on 47 posts. Those posts have generated $1829.38 at the time of posting, with an average of $38.92 per post.

@vikisecrets🥧 Happy Pi Day 😊$0.94
@lichtblick📷 Monomad Wednesday Abstract- "Sky🔭 View...$12.11
@andriannaDay of March 8 "International Women's Da...$1.23
@velimirMotorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'A ...$158.82
@vcelierFrom Cape Town to Mombasa, 3 months, 8 c...$78.76
@ace108🌷#Petals #YellowFlowerDay #WednesdayYell...$7.90
@travelwithusI feel weak and exhausted, what's going ...$5.52
@lichtblick📸 #ColorChallenge WednesdayYellow "Refre...$15.80
@fotogruppemunichUpdate Zeitraffer-Projekt 4 Jahreszeiten...$0.87
@andriannaI took up old sketches, need to finish t...$1.28
@satureObscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown ...$3.17
@satureFODL - It goes on.$2.81
@molometerDubai Butterfly Gardens a beautiful butt...$36.71
@molometerExtreme contrasts in #landscapephotograp...$34.64
@thermoplastic✍️ GARDEN OF FERNAL DELIGHTS - Otto’s Dr...$1.25
@leoplawI See You$3.06
@detlev40 weeks of beer madness - steemit #Beer...$4.00
@travelwithusLike from 1001 Nights - Ancient building...$5.71
@adriansky📷 Steemit Photo Challenge | Musician Por...$2.39
@eveuncoveredBehind the Scenes: Eastern Sky at Sunset$70.23
@jewels3Monomad Photo Entry for Tuesday-Street$11.51
@manthostsakiridModel's Test Shots$13.84
@gringaliciousMidnight Mocha Chocolate Chunk Brownies ...$247.71
@glogloMy Day In Reality.$38.15
@andyjaypowell📷 Free Energy - Freie Energie 💡 [DE/EN]$13.18
@gric🎨 Assimilation - original painting$35.32
@ceattlestretchFresh Grow Pics, Day 3️⃣9️⃣ Of Flower$0.71
@alexandravartWord from minnow crypto artist to crypt...$12.10
@mainnvestMy new way storage - my weed allways wit...$0.89
@paolobenefortiThis large painting of mine found a home...$10.35
@adsactlyADSactly Short Stories - The Day After T...$277.89
@martinterestTreetuesday My power tree # march - Mein...$0.84
@velimirOriginal Art Photography Series by @veli...$155.82
@dajohns1420Week 5$7.17
@yoganarchistaOriginale Kurzgeschichte: "Zumindest wen...$5.96
@lichtblick📷 #ColorChallenge TuesdayOrange " Cute🍊C...$45.60
@reconnectnatureCosta Rica 2017 (2/2) - Pictures of my p...$11.03
@andyjaypowell📷 Rainbow Sailor - Regenbogen Segler 📢 ...$18.72
@artpoetUnd der Mitbegründer von Gott sprach! - ...$1.71
@jnmarteauPhotoreportage über den Wiener Stammtisc...$2.22
@creativewomanThe Moroccan tagine with chicken and gre...$8.90
@timsaidMyPictureDay Challenge Round #20 + Winne...$193.19
@tante.emmas.weedSome Weedphotography$10.54
@castleberryTREE TUESDAY$1.76
@kaliberlin"Do not drink and drive..." -Mushroom of...$2.19
@slowwalkerThe Myth of The Birth of The First King ...$252.47
@andriannaWonderful photos from the trip. China$2.44

Stay easy, paint & respect each other! Leave your vote for love - Yours @botross !

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Thank You Bot Ross!