Last Minute Upvoter Accounts (2018-02-19)

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@abusereports will report all large votes on posts just before payout, usually indicative of some shady business! Each day a new post will be generated and its content will be updated

If you would like to help stop abuse and feel those in the comments below are abusing the reward pool, flag them.

Please show your support for @abusereports by following, resteeming and upvoting if you see value to this project.

Thank you for your support.


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Anyway to modify that code to also show flags happening right before payout? Isn't this also suspect?


I'm sure that could be done, although I figure those are more for correcting the issues above than abuse.

While I am trying to get bots to upvote my posts as soon as I post them so there will be promoted earlier and increase their visibility, others are trying to get them upvoted in the last minute. Interesting, what can I say...

i up voted , resteem and followed i would to be srong like you .

explain how selling a vote worth of 6,5 dollars 1 day before payout is an abuse? we have different understanding of what is abuse i guess:)


The intent is to catch those who are doing this regularly as it generally indicates a user trying to hide a large vote they're placing on an undeserving post. The bot will get smarter as time goes on.


i understand the questioning the "single caught abuser" with his 6 bucks upvote...nothing more nothing less:)


Less time avaiable for the community see the post on the trending and hot Pages, and give a flag If found the post as abusive.


I agree with you here, a user who has done this only once can't be considered an abuser, not a big one. Actually he has a little impact over the reward pool but the big players who take upvotes of hundreds of SBDs, these are the people who should be asked if they find okay what they are doing. Because eventually nobody can say that it is wrong to vote yourself in the day that is made the payout, if the blockchain permits it, then it can be done...


Blockchain permits a lot of things. You can post plagiarized posts, you can threaten someone’s life, you can post 10 times per day and upvote yourself to 500 bucks every time no matter the content, you can flag users for no reason whatsoever. Every user has right to say that this kind of behaviour is wrong and act accordingly with their stake:) Otherwise Steem would have no value whatsoever because everyone would be just gaming the rewards...


Yeap, I completely agree. But for the moment, I have almost no solution to what is happening to the rewards by now. I guess that how the wealth is distributed here is the main problem.


In a capitalistic system wealth will always be distributed more or less in the same way. There will be few really rich users, some rich users, quite some users with at least something and vast majority with very little. I think that no effort can change this (what i deem as) biological fact.

I agree that finding the solution is really hard (if it even is doable) Ive tried to contemplate about it in this post so if youre interested you can go through it:) it is a long post just so you know...:D


I don't have much time to read, I don't know if I will do it now because I am at work and I have just a few free time, but for sure I will do it when I will get home. Just to make it simpler for me, could you tell me what aggrandize mean?

amazing post! i follow u

Thank you for your efforts to prevent abuse. I appreciate it.

I see that you're reporting suspicious upvotes above $10 USD. How about similar practices with less than $10 USD?

The ROI of abuse is the same for all levels, but by focusing on abuse with larger $ values, we are missing the big picture.

If we keep flagging posts above $10 USD, those people are going to find ways of limiting their upvotes to $9.99 but increasing the number of posts. As a result, we'll end up with more junk posts.

At a certain moment, we'll reach a point where we end up with so many suspicious cases that we won't be able to distinguish which is abuse, which isn't. And some genuine users will be trampled upon, which is already happening.

I don't think we can prevent abuse just by flagging as long as the author and curator rewards amount to $65 Million USD a year. That type of reward pool will always draw abusers.

The only way to solve this mess is to get rid of the rewards for authors and curators and introduce a tipping system. Otherwise, Steem won't be able to sustain its price levels for long.

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Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Trevon and sweetsssj. Who could have guessed...

thank you vote and follow you blog.

Some of these upvotes and might I daresay payouts are obscene. WOW. Thanks for policing this platform BTW.

great step and really good work BOT

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I want an upvote too :( when I strat use steem I sell all my SP and my account is fked 😂

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So long lists of steemit abusers!! how a newbies like me survived thru, with no SP no SBD no nothing! Other than resteem the campaign , I got nothing to support , a saddening fact in this new social media. Think Im leaving steemit for a week and see how the fight went on , then rethink if worth for me gonna continue in Steemit, such a disgrace to see so many people abuse the rules. sigh