Last Minute Upvoter Accounts (2018-03-13)

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This is an automatically generated post that will be updated with a list of all large votes that were placed just before the reward cutoff time.

Being included on this list may indicate abuse (trying to hide large votes on undeserving posts), however, that is not always the case.

If you would like to help stop abuse, please analyze the votes below for abuse and flag if warranted.

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Please show support show your support for @abusereports by following, resteeming and upvoting this post if you see value to this project.

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Hello @abusereports! Here's another spammer for your blacklist @pommesfrites ;)


Thank you.

I guess I am not getting it, are these people "supposedly" upvoting post right before payout or are they sending bots to vote right before payout. I knew there were issues with bots voting right before payout. So in essence people are trolling old post that have minimal payout and voting them for the few cents they are worth?....I am totally confused.

What is the reward but off time? I guess up voting is bad before reward cutoff or just up voting like spamming to increase your steam before reward? Sorry I am new here and still trying to figure out what goes on. I see a lot of people do things that other people say you should not do and I am still learning what is acceptable. I did not realize that you can do things on the platform that you are not supposed to do but the platform allows you to do.


What about voting on your own post I see that go on a lot is that something else that is frowned on or is that just what everyone does?


I'm trying to figure it out too and it's really confusing right now.

i don't really get it hehe. cause iam newbie here
but i think this bots is cool men!!

when any stupid posts can trend, and bots upvote any posts regardless of the content. Last minute upvote is nothing compared to whats going on..

Its no longer about good content anymore, u need to buy high SP, and you are done. Write any shit, pay the bots and trend. Just like the in the outside world, Rich gets richer, poor gets poorer..



Agree with you.


Im new here and didnt realise there are so many issues like this here. I have read that there are efforts to make things better. The fact that people are aware and working to make things better should be a good sign.


better for the rich.. if u have like 10000$, buy SP/SBD, write crap and pay the bots..


@veerall Would you be so kind to explain this to me. I'm new here. This chart says Randowhale (a service) is upping Abusereports (this account) "last minute" as well. Is it supposed to be okay to do this if the post is of value? Who determines that a post is of value? How are these occurring if most bots have a 3.5 day window? Do these represent those who use a bot upvote then therefore at 2.5 days or at the 6th day? If it's the 6th, how are people using 3.5 day bots at 6 days anyway? I'm really confused lol


Steemit is becoming a Central Banking System, where only the rich make money. Or just post some bikini pics or keep meeting whales at the meetups, and get hooked up with them or you should be a good ass kisser.. Sorry to say this, but thats whats going on.. Its not longer about good content. However if you have approx 10000$, buy some SP and SBD, post anything random, pay the bots at, the more you pay the more they will upvote you. once you make it to the trending page a few times, you are sorted. Remember, you wont recieve all the money spent on bots.

Is there any rule that post cannot be upvoted on last minutes? Biggest abuse are paid bots.

sorry brother .. i do not know the notification about ban upvote and comment in that post. please remove your flag in my comment..please. thank you.

Great work you are doing!! Thank you so much :) xoxo

Congratulations @abusereports!
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Thanks for sharing I appreciate your work.