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Thank you very much , @morwhale. by @hdmed


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Please refund or vote: https://steemit.com/food/@theinsideout/frugal-vegan-and-vegetarian-food-from-the-dollar-store

I sent the memo/SBD yesterday, so one day should be long enough. You guys used to be great. :(


They didn't upvote my post either

morwhale is not working again,
send 0.10 sbd but did not get anything.
more times I send little amount like 0,010., but nothing happens

Hi! How are you doing?
I sent you two memos but I did not receive any upvotes.

10 hours ago Transfer 0.020 SBD to morwhale https://steemit.com/busy/@pacolimited/onomatopoeia

Did not get any upvotes😢

I sent you bid amount but I didn't received my vote refund me @morwhle


refunded thanks

I sent you 0.01 sbd yesterday and you did not vote for the post https://steemit.com/photo/@anton555/casket.
vote or return a reward.

I sent 0.1 sbd and a link to my post earlier today but I'm yet to receive your upvotes

refund my sbd...

i sent you bid but i didn't received my vote!please vote @morwhale

here the memo https://steemit.com/story/@prince60/ever-listen-to-dope-songs-374c88599005f

I sent you bid, but i did not received my vote, please refund @morwhale


Still no upvote or refund!


نحن كمغاربة هل تساعدون الاعضاء الصغار لكي يقفزوا الدرجات

I sent you a payment twodays ago from @maxvoice with a post memo but no upvote..pls vote / refund.

Thanks as you reply this comment

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I sent you bid, but i did not received my vote, please refund... @morwhale @hdmed#1734


Again. I sent the bet the second time. https://steemit.com/bounty/@metamorfozzz/bounty-campaign-lina-review
And the bot didn't vote again... @morwhale @hdmed#1734

I made the transfer 20 minutes ago, and I do not have your votes, can you give me the information? @morwhale

four days before i sent 0.010 steem but i mistake sent memo .pls today upvote to my memo this https://busy.org/@meena2009/how-to-make-buckwheat-dosa

I use your service allot, thanks.

Today I mistakenly sent you two payments for the same topic. The first payment was the correct payment of 0.01 but the second transaction I sent 0.074. Please refund.

It was for the below topic