Boulder Sunday ❤ Number 57

2개월 전


Happy Big Rock Day!

Early or late any day is good
for a boulder date!

A boulder from the cemetery
of crosses post.

#negativephotography ripple effect.

Lunapic photo editor.


@melinda010100 gave me a great idea
for when running out of boulders!
Rock Art! Real rock art would totally
rule but when there is a lack of stones
how about some boulder art edits?



Show us your boulders

Large rocks are needed
roll them on over.
Must be your own photos!
Boulder location would be
great to know if possible.

Use the tag
#bouldersunday by @shasta
Then we can hunt them!

Drop a link to your
boulder below so we
don't miss your post!

Many thank you's
to all the boulder posters!
It is a real pleasure to
see them!


Everyone's #bouldersunday
postings in order.
Link scrolls back to the stone age.


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!



Photos & words by @shasta Dec 14th 2019 6:46 PM O'rock Alaska

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Just love the shadows, playing on the boulder side 😍


Life is great on the boulder side when there is shadows at play! :-)

Rock art is an extremely old genre, maybe even too old to call classic!


Rock art rules, like ancient text messages lol
Is there any near you? :-)

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Thank you so much @steemitboard! :-)

nice shot!


Thank you @apnigrich! :-)

Boulder art! I love it and now I need to be thinking about what I have for rock art!


For the love of rock art old and new! :-)
There is some down by Homer, but you need a boat
and real low tide to see it out on some large boulders
in the Kachemak bay.


I think I can find some rock art for this week!