Boulder Sunday By Shasta

3개월 전

After a long time I am posting boulder Sunday photo as I was traveling to Bhutan, I have found lot to share below,

#bouldersunday by @Shasta


This is a big rock I have found in Paro, from a mountain called “tigers nest”.
Below more photos from the tiger nest which are really suitable for Boulder.

All photos has taken by myself
Device: iPhone 7

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Wow ! Very good to know

Beautiful photos! We're there ever tigers living there?

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Not really but the name came after tiger nest where the Buddhist lives in mountain above 10,000 ft

Awesome boulders @thesobuz! Beautiful area, are there tigers there? :-)


Thank you @shasta 😇
There many years ago tigers lives there and there has become a temple after the century. Only limited people were having access to the temple and tigers were not killing them for some reasons.

There are more stories behind that is still unknown to me. Hopping to share soon 🤓