As Real As It Gets… (For Anthony Bourdain)

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Anthony Bourdain 6/25/1956 -- 6/08/2018

As Real As It Gets…

Speaking his own truth
in a world
consumed with lies
irreverently dismissing
the pain
behind his eyes

never once conforming
to the
shameless pretense
that permeates
the souls
of the self absorbed

unafraid to stand alone
and shine a light
on the
shallow minded
fragile egos
masquerading as the powerful

a storyteller at heart
with the
tongue of a poet
lashing out
at the most vile
among us

lending his voice
to those
who are not heard
while battling
the demons
that haunted his soul

courageously accepting
his faults
for what they were
reminding him always
to be grateful
for it all

beyond all the food
the exotic destinations
he connected to the humanity
that binds us all
he was --
as real as it gets.

R.I.P… Tony
You will be greatly missed.., but never forgotten!

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Beautiful poem. This news made me sad today. I have watched him for years and loved his rawness.


Thanks @cathynsons... He was a rare breed.