Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather Jr.

3년 전

Fight date: Aug 26, 2017
location: T-Mobile Arena, Paradise, Nevada, U.S.
Round time: 12

This is one of the most interesting fights for a long time. Both of these fighters are very good boxers but Mayweather is a professional boxer. Mcgregor is a MMA fighter who is still very good in boxing. Mayweather is pretty old athleate which gives Mcgregor an age edge. Mayweather has no loss at all and Mcgregor has 3 losses.

I would predict that Mayweather wins just becuse he is undefeated boxer. Conor is in his arena. Conor would crush in MMA there is no question about it but right now he is in pretty hard spot. Also there are 12 rounds so if they box full rounds, then Mayweather has better condition for those rounds.

What do you think, who wins the match, Mcgregor or Mayweather?

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Mcgregor have legit chans,he needs to push Floyd off and in the ring to make him angry. Then forced KO, easier said than done.

I am just going to come out and say it, I don't think McGregor can beat Mayweather. McGregor is out of his comfort zone even though he's not bad of a boxer but Mayweather is a better fighter and I don't think a McGregor can go 12 rounds with the champ

If pac man couldn't beat him then there's no way this guy can hit him. Mayweather s defense is the best I've seen.


Mcgregor have one change and that's knockout. But like Mike Tyson said when he was asked that do McGregor have a change. Tyson said: "I don't think so"


McGregor is gonna lose this hard.


I truly agree.

Cant wait for this fight!

Can't wait for this fight. The best pound for pound boxer vs a power punching trash talking superstar in the MMA world. This fight is unloosable for McGregor. If he looses he wins because he went up against the best boxer of our time and he gets a huge payout. If he gets lucky. And he can. He can sleep Mayweather and he wins that way. This is a win win for McGregor. Everyone knows Maywether is a better boxer but at the same time everyone knows that Maywether would get killed in the octagon. The most pure form of the sport is the one with the least amount of rules. In an MMA match McGregor would kill Maywether.
In the end this will be the biggest fight in history. It brings together to dying sport of boxing to the table and will let MMA eat it while in one bite.