Facts About the Brain You Didn’t Know

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A few amazing secrets of the brain

Have you ever tried to think yourself how your brain works? Of course, it is not possible to clear your mind from thinking, but it is possible to know about your mind. Scientists have described such amazing facts about human minds that you may not know or you Never thought about that. Let's know about some secrets of the brain removed from a donation report.

An adult human mind takes about three pounds.
The average weight of men's mind is 2.9 pounds (1336 grams) and 2.6 pounds of women (1198 grams), but the brain does not mean much intelligent, literally the brain of Albert-ion Stein was 2.7 pounds, yet the world One of the intelligent humans.

  1. Your mind can generate so much power, which can brighten up to 25 walts of light.

  2. Very few people feel like a teacher - they can listen to the colors, smell the words and see a concept in aerial space.

  3. Why we dream why there is a scientific mystery.
    Some scientists believe that this is our way of exercising exercise, which they take during sleep, others claim that it helps to brain-mind memories of day-to-day thoughts.

  4. The fee called 'Blinded Niss' targets its population of just 22 percent.
    According to a 2012 study of Stanford University, parts of the brain that are necessary for identifying human faces, it is not possible to remember the face for the affected people, and they are capable of remembering human faces. See food or food in the form of drinking water.

6.You can not dig yourself because your forbidden obstruction prevents you from doing so.
The hazardous murmur, which is responsible for physical activity, prevents the prediction and response of sensual feelings, and that is why no one can assume himself, even though it was considered as a type of social solidarity in the past. .

  1. In some societies animals are treated as healthy food.

  2. Your brain uses at least 20 percent of the oxygen that meets the body.
    The reason for this is that the brain needs 3 times more oxygen than your muscles.

  3. Your mind does not have a feeling of 'pain' in your mind if there is no recycled sensor or muscle feeling.

Though the brain identifies and processes pain with the help of your spinal cord, but it is true that brain cells and parts suffer from pain, and that is why brain surgery also occurs during a person's awareness.

  1. Those people who lose their head control the painful pain using glass as a therapy.
    Such a painful pain feels 90% of people suffering from depression, however the glass therapy helps to restore the brain

  1. It is absolutely wrong that humans can not even use 10 percent of their brain.
    Indeed, humans use more than ten percent of their brain because there is no part of the brain that is not active.

  2. Most of the right-handed people analyze the language from the left side of their brain, but lift hand people often use both the parts.

  3. The development of human mind continues till the age of 25.

  4. The brain is the only one that can pollute itself.

  5. Google can weaken the brain.
    In a Columbia University research, it has been discovered that the more you depend on the Internet, the mental performance will decrease, that will make the brain worse. Researchers say we need to understand our thoughts and things and avoid avoiding it.

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