my idea to promote steemit: brainstorm-challenge

3년 전

What would the world do without love. A love poem is the most beautiful thing, so awake the poet within you and participate.
My own idea is to introduce love poem. I wil give a topic and people will write love poem with the giving word Every week, the very best 3 wil win.
We wil keep spreading the love In this way we gonna laught and entertain in a funny way. Everything in this world is all about love, and along the lines, people wil have more knowledge of what the word love mean.

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Post edited. Thanks


I like your idea, but your post looks so simple! I will like to see your post with a picture, the name of the contest, the rules of the contest. Something similar as mine, but it doesn't have to be so long. Trust me, if you want more attention from other people, you should do what I said.
I hope you understand me!


Yes boss, I wil work on it

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!


Lol! You don't see that there is only one vote and is not yours?! Just lol! Next time don't do this again because I will flag you!


It better to not comment anything than begging for upvote, thanks God u are lucky, if not, just don't know what to say😀😀😀, because I don't see how you can keep on with your account when someone like the-future flag you... Take your time🙏🙏