A Better Way to Browse the Web - Brave Contest [190616]



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A Better Way to Browse

Download Brave using this link. - Explore the browser. Test out the BAT rewards feature with a Verified Publisher and share your experience with us. What do you think about this new browsing experience?

  • Create a post using the tag #brave
  • Publish a screenshot of your successful download along with a handful of first impressions and ideas. What do you think about this new browsing experience? (If you already use this browser you can still participate in this challenge by sharing your impressions since you began browsing.)
  • Share a link in the comments, below.

Upvote Rewards

Today (the next 24 hrs) our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for brave and thoughtful browsers. How did your attention economy mission go this week? Share your link and blurb in the comment section, below.

*participants will be eligible for an upvote reward ranging anywhere from 10% to 50%

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