Gluten free pizza / グルテンフリーのピザ



I baked gluten free pizza yesterday. It was away better than I thought. It's dough is not regular doughy dough made with flour but some people may not notice it's made with rice flour.

The recipe is from a Japanese rice flour baking book. You can take a look the rice flour pizza recipe with "look inside" function. It's written in Japanese though (If you want to read it, I'm happy to support you).

Interesting thing is that the dough contains Tofu. I wanted to see other recipes and bought the book in the end.

The reason I baked gluten free pizza while I'm a big fan of gluten is we'll have gusts with allergy in the weekend. We decided to serve Sushi but our common interest is baking and cooking in general. Also I'm interested in baking with rice flour as a Japanese (rice eating country) in Germany (bread baking country).

Ja life is too short to explore all the bread and baking methods ;)


米粉が使えないかなとネットであれこれ読んでいると、『発酵いらずですぐおいしい かんたん米粉パン』という本についてのガジェット通信の記事が出てきました。Amazonの「なか見!検索」でピザのレシピは本を買わずに見られ、試してよさそうだったら買おうと思い作ってみることに。お米の国日本から来ていることもあり、米粉をマスターしたいというのもあり。

発酵なしなのにサクサクふわふわ! 大人気の米粉料理研究家が贈る“いいことずくめ”の米粉パンレシピ集 | ガジェット通信 GetNews


まだまだ知らないパンの世界があります :)

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Hi @akipponn, this bread sounds really interesting, I didn't know one could make bread with rice flour! Will try and find a recipe from Granny Google to save you translating;) Will let you know if I can't find one. Looks really good!


"Granny Google" ;) I'm looking forward to reading about your experiment soon!

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