I'm back to baking bread! / パンをまた焼き始めました



We are on our way to move to a new place. Here I have a new oven. It means ... bread baking time! I baked a Zopf (Challah) today. I notice I lost my sense of baking. I for got to put some milk in toast bread dough and made it over rise in a tin the day before yesterday ... ;)

I bought all bread we ate last month and our food expense turned to be a lot more than usual. Ja we bought additional sweet bread in bakeries. I learned from store bought bread baked by professionals but I missed bread I bake and the baking process. Now I'm happy to be back to bread baking. I'm almost jumping in the kitchen.

And, it is a good timing to activate @breadbakers / #breadbakers community, which I started last year around this time. I want to bake bread and to talk about it with baking fans on Steemit :)





Needlework Monday is initiated by @crosheille and @crystalize. Now it has its own account @needleworkmonday. Thank you to the team for hosting this wonderful & fun weekly tag!

針仕事の月曜日は@crosheilleさんと@crystalizeさんが始めた月曜日の針仕事コミュニティーです。和気藹々針仕事の話題で盛り上がります。英語の投稿にヘルプが必要でしたら discord などでお気軽に声をかけてください。

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Thanks @dr-frankenstein! Almost all were eaten up 😁