Bread of the season



Hi Steemit bread baking friends!

When I (@akipponn) was preparing pure sourdough bread with full of rye flour since yesterday, I noticed this is my autumn and winter bread while light white wheaty bread is for spring and summer.

Do you have any bread you bake in a particular season? The community is happy to hear your story 😊🥖🥐🍞

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Well, I eat both rye bread and wheat (or spelt) brad all through the year. But during the summer I bake more of the "rustic baguette" type for barbecues, while during wintertime bread for parties etc. is more savory, sometimes filled.


Baguette fits well with BBQs & parties :) :) You comment reminded me to bake one soon!

I've been off bread for over a week now, getting withdrawal symptoms.

I don't think I have a seasonal bread. I just like any bread, any time.


One week is still short :) My baking hunger exploded after 6 weeks ...

Any bread any time is right too :D We look forward to reading your bread baking post again soon 🥖


More DeepRacer for now, the finals are coming :)

Wow, that looks yummy🍞😍


Thanks sunlover!



部屋も温まるしいいですよね :) ぜひぜひ breadbakers タグをつけて投稿してください!

The photo looks so yummy. The crust of your bread - wow!!! And no, nothing seasonal in breadbaking with me. The only thing that changes with the season is my intense lust for Weihnachtsplätzchen :-DDD I already made four batches (amarettini morbidi, Liebesgrübchen, vanilla and chocolate cut out cookies) And I can hardly stop myself to make more (problem: I not only bake but also eat them all... :-DDDDD)

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