Hogzilla Award At My Hotel Breakfast!

5개월 전

This was plate #1.
This was plate #2.
This was plate #3
This was plate #4

With these hotels with all you can eat breakfast I can hog out and basically ride out the rest of the day without eating. I probably won’t eat for 12 hours. Then on top of that I have a gym and a nice pool so in my mind im better off staying places like this some instead of staying at a cheaper place and then trying to go get breakfast and lunch and then paying for a gym potentially.

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Breakfast is the yummiest meal of the day.
Sometimes i will have breakfast twice.

Nice buffet you got there.


Yeah it was a great breakfast!

Damn bro, how many calories you put down a day 4000? 😂

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5000 all at once! And then I'm on a a liquid alcohol diet from there on out! LOL

I see youre on a very low carb diet eh?😂

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Just gorge and starve myself the rest of the day and work out and drink!

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