Brewing Up A Batch Of Beer With Grizzman

3년 전


Here we go on another brew day adventure! This time we are whipping up a batch of a Russian Rivers favorite, Blind Pig IPA.

Here I have all the ingredients laid out on the table, malts, grains, hops, and everything else needed for the 10 gallon batch.


Now I got the grains steeping in the kettle while the water comes up to temperature, starting to turn the water into that caramel looking color.


Then once it comes to a boil and all the malt is added in, I add the first addition of the boiling hops to the water now called wort.


And here I'm throwing some more hops midway through the hour long boil.


After adding in more hops and cooling down the wort, it is time to transfer the wort from the kettle to the fermenting vessel - The Ferminator


Specific Gravity measurement to see the potential alcohol content, we won't know the final alcohol content until fermenting is finished and another sample is taken.


Finally I add in the liquid yeast to the wort to start the fermenting process and now make beer. This process called primary fermentation will last around 2 weeks, the entire time in the fermentation chamber at 66 degrees F. After that I will add in more hops for "dry hopping" and some oak wood chips and let it sit for about another week before bottling up the beer.



If you have any thoughts or questions I would be happy to hear them! Thanks for stopping by!

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Man that looks like fun! 😀


Yeah it really is! It is also quite satisfying when the beer comes out good and all your friends want to drink it up! Thanks for stopping by pit!

That's cool you make your own beer! I've thought about trying it before, but haven't got to that point yet. If I ever do, I'll make sure to ask you some questions! :) Enjoy the brew!


It's a whole lot of fun! When I first started It took me a few batches before they started becoming drinkable but it is a fun and interesting hobby.


Word. :) I bet. Sounds like it! Especially as someone who enjoys beer. :D

Thats too cool grizzman. Those are some great pics! Love the GIFs.


Thanks for stopping by!

Uffff... Beer! Look so delicious! I want some. LOL


The sample tasted pretty good so that is a good sign it will finish off good.

It looks like you have one hell of a system. How much do you have invested?


I received the brew setup as a gift, but you don't need all the stainless steel equipment to brew beer. A second hand kettle with 5 gallon buckets and lids work just as good and a great way to get started.