Brexit Hangs by a Thread, Yellow Vests in France want a new government, and in the US, an attempted Presidential impeachment may come


In case you have not followed politics this year, there is a massive political struggle occurring in Western countries. This struggle is hitting a crescendo right now in the UK and France. Yellow shirts are rioting in France demanding that immigrants not seeking asylum be returned to their country of origin, and in the UK, they are voting as to whether they potentially become a colony of Brussels. Also, the US House spearheaded by the left will soon decide if they want to begin an impeachment process on the President of the US.

The factions of this political struggle are as follows:

The Left & Globalism

  • Traditional Media (NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN)
  • Social Media Companies: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, in terms of these platforms censoring and ranking content
  • George Soros and other Billionaire Backers
  • College Universities & Education
  • Globalist Institutions and Think Tanks (EU, United Nations, CFR, ect.)
  • Political Activist Groups, such as: ANTIFA (socialist globalist fascists)
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Islam (Totally disagree with the Left, but the Left is pro-Islam, so they are allies)
  • Globalist "conservatives" or globalist right
  • A major contingency of morons and utterly deceived people (see NPC meme)

The Heretics (Anyone right of Stalin)

  • Alternative Media (Bands of Conservative and right media groups, largely utilizing online media platforms), and some elements on Fox News such as Tucker Carlson
  • People who think logically (such as Islam and Women's Rights being mutually exclusive ideologies)
  • Non-globalists (Nationalists)
  • Christians & Jews
  • Worker's unions because illegal immigration erodes worker opportunity or rights
  • Many gays and other liberals who realized the left sold them out for Islam which hates everything liberalism used to stand for

Considering the heretics are even putting up a fight politically is very impressive since in terms of money and influence we should be losing. Amidst this battle, social media companies are beginning to censor. First on their list was Alex Jones. Love him or hate him, he did become the first man ever to get banned from the internet. Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter have all banned him. This is impressive because even white supremacy groups are still able to post content and operate channels on YouTube. [source]

Yellow Vests

In the US, this group would be on the left, but in France they constitute a non-globalist, anti-illegal immigration group. The left in the USA used to be anti-illegal immigration as well, as Hugo Chavez was known to protest and incite rioting against illegal immigrants. [source] The concept is that illegal immigration hurts labor unions in the long run, because the immigrants provide non-union cheap labor.

A list of demands from the Yellow Vests can be found here:

Highlights on the list are:

  • Treat the root causes of forced migration.
  • Return of unsuccessful asylum seekers to their country of origin.
  • Real integration policy is implemented. Living in France means becoming French (French language course, French history course and civic education course with certification at the end of the course).

BREXIT and UK Sovereignty

The best the opposition could say to his statement was at 22 min and 55 seconds where a woman stands and makes a case that leaving the EU might hurt cancer patients. As I said before, in politics there are groups. One group of people are those holding to a terrible political stance, and their only hope of defending that stance is irrational fear mongering.

The UK should flush its sovereignty down the toilet for 200+ years in the future, because there might be an ambiguity in 2019 on how to best help cancer patients? I am a Christian, I'm commanded to love people. But if you gave me the inflexible choice of having democratic elections and a representative government for 100 years vs. the lives of cancer patients for one year in 2019; I'd pin a medal on every cancer patient and tell them they are dying for their country.

The erosion of national sovereignty would kill more people than a successful BREXIT would ever kill. Just in Islamic murders and rapes encouraged by globalist governments, we would save those lives by opposing globalist policies.

To me, from what I can tell, it seems like people will not support the deal because it's a betrayal of BREXIT and just a really bad deal, worse than staying in the EU. Obviously, the hope is that this leads the UK into staying. The bureaucratic tactic of the EU is to force a second referendum where they hope the result favors them, so rather than honoring the result of an election, keep holding elections until the result agrees with what you want.

US Presidential Impeachment

The big question now is whether House Democrats will move to impeach President Trump when they take control of the House. While ultimately doomed to not move him out of office because Republicans control the Senate, the point is to attack, stall and try to win political points.

The main issue with this strategy is that it is unlikely to win them popularity in the US. When Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, Clinton did well in approval and the Republicans did poorly. Trying to subvert a democratically elected President over frivolous technicalities or just because you disagree with them politically, did not seem to resonate with US Americans in the 90's, and I do not believe it will resonate with us in 2019.

This all said, I really hope they do go after Trump. Trump is great at fighting as we all have seen. If the Dems throwdown, it will be interesting to see what Trump brings to the table. When they tried to nail Trump during the elections with that audio tape of locker-room speech, at the next debate Trump invited all the women Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted (the ones that weren't murdered yet) to sit in the audience, and he pointed them out during the debate.

The Dems seem utterly mind-controlled in the US, though, as they are tossing around the idea of running Creepy Uncle Joe. If Joe runs, he will be the only Presidential candidate who has widely circulated video footage of him fondling little girls on camera and bringing up sexually-oriented conversations with them, from ages 6 and up, all is fair game to Uncle Joe.

How will it all end up?

2019 is shaping up to be a massively important year for politics, deciding the course of human history.

Will the Yellow Vests prevail? I hope so! I'm not for minimum wage, but the illegal immigration issue is far more important than what the labor laws are. It's their labor laws anyway, not mine.

Will the UK, which once ruled the world, become a colony? I really hope not. It could threaten the future of good happening in the world.

Will Trump throw-down to the point of humiliating an entire generation of politics? I hope he does. If Trump ever got pressed to the point he was pissed-off enough, I could definitely see him throwing out some good ones. Generally, he can get by with just mocking people. Yet if he's attacked too hard, the man with the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Military and Justice Department at his disposal is a dangerous foe to try to attack. All of the Democrat's crimes are public anyway, so he would not even need to utilize the resources of the deep state to attack them effectively.

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Well, I will bet every cent I have the Yellow Vests are going to tear down the Elected Government and be-head them ALL! "Civil War!"

A Citizen gives up Sovereignty for only "certain Rights and Privilages"

Trump is following the BRICS's Systematic take down of "SWIFT".

The Sheeple Trump hater's will eat CROW .

What a Creep! How can any American standby and allow "Uncle JOE" Abuse Children?
If that was one of my kids he fondled I would have broken his neck in front of the world!

Is the US a nation of COWARDS with guns?!

This Knight follows all this pretty closely - nice summary.

Was surprised when you first said, you hope new Dem house tries to impeach - but understand your point.

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Yeah, I don't support impeachment, but if the Dems play it safe and try to cooperate with Trump, it makes them look more honorable than they are. Like them playing it cool means they could take over 2024 and just revert back to the old days... yet if they're little children for the next 6 years, we stand a chance of really changing things in the US.

If they impeach, it goes to the Senate and dies. If an impeachment succeeded through a Republican betrayal, a good percentage of US citizens would revolt. The ones with guns. But I would never see it getting through the Senate. Trump won them the Senate.

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Thanks for this updates, we hope stability will prevail so that this impeachment wouldn't affect investments and capital inflow and outflow of the various economical and business countries and cryptocurrency as well.


Change doesn't usually equal stability. But it also means there is more opportunity. I personally value freedom more than whether the stock markets crash, or crypto crashes. In the end, freedom creates more capital business opportunities anyway, so as a long-term person, I much favor good policies over short term wins.