What does the Brexit mean for our Human Rights?

6년 전

This is something that hasn't been discussed by the pro Leave campaigners or the current government. In the aftermath of the Brexit vote why isn't anyone asking what will happen to the British people's Human rights which have been enshrined into English Law and guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights and upheld by European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

In my opinion, the whole Brexit campaign was designed so that Britain could leave the EU, not because of immigrants or any of the claims that being a part of EU is somewhat of a drain/strain on the NHS, jobs and affordable homes. Rather, It is a known fact that Britain has never been happy with the Human Rights Act, as each [British] parliament has sort to pass draconian legislation after draconian legislation only to be told by the European Court of Human Rights that such legislation are not compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and therefore ruled unlawful.

Not to mention the whole issue of domestic spying (remember Edward Snowden?)

My question is:

What will happen to our Human Rights?

What will happen to the right to privacy
The right to a fair trial
The right to family life
Freedom of press
The right to hold lawful assembly
Freedom from unfair or arbitrary punishment?

There has been talk of a bill of rights, what will this consist of? Who or what court will uphold it?

Let me know your thoughts?

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