Another Broadband Tester - Keep an eye on your speeds and keep your ISP in check

4년 전

Alright guys. Heres another broadband tester this one has been released by Which. I keep trying to explain to people that you need to keep an eye on your broadband speeds and majority of the time the response i get is that Im on Fibre with BT, Sky or talk talk, Yeah these are the main culprits who throttle customers broadband speeds if there is high usage even if its within their broadband package. Now if these big reputable companies are actually giving everyone the full speeds at all times of day and night 24/7 then why would there be broadband speed testers being released by Watchdog & Which. In this post which I've shared is from Which and has a bit in it about a new white list box being released soon which you will be able to plug in to your router and will make it easier for the end user to monitor their broadband speeds and lets you easily complain & report any issues or throttling your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may be doing which is a lot more common than people realise. I've had problems with my own ISP Virgin at times being one of the best but I've still had times when I've been on the phone to them complaining that I'm getting 5 to 10 mbs when I'm paying for 150 mbs and speed tester agrees but they ALWAYS say no your broadband speeds are fine. So I'm hoping these white list boxes are going to help the end user keep their ISP in check as we need a way of reporting any ISP throttling speeds to Ofcom.

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