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Meaning of apocalypse per Wikipedia:
An apocalypse is a of knowledge or revelation.
An apocalypse (literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.

Apocalypse is the beginning of knowing something profound, once we realize apocalypse is the beginning of knowing something profound; than you just experienced a apocalypse.

Apocalypse does not mean the world is coming to an end the way movies portray. Their will be no space ship coming to invade earth and make us their slaves or any other nonsense. There is no flood coming to wipe us all away or earth quakes and volcanoes.

If you now know what apocalypse mean than a new paradigm has begun and you need to seize the moment and start creating for yourself by obtaining knowledge.

The way to obtain knowledge is by filtering through information (reading/studying). Take the information you just filter through to gain understanding. By applying understanding to your life, you gain knowledge.

When you guide your life using knowledge, you gain wisdom. With wisdom you can ascend and become one of the Acceded Masters. Which just happen to be your higher self.

Apocalypse is the first step to wisdom

I hope this post was a Apocalypse for you.

My Golden Belt is on and my Kung Fu is Strong ~B.S.A

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