**HACKING THE MATRIX** What is Reality and how to control it

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Meaning of reality per Wikipedia:
Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent, as opposed to that which is merely imaginary.

If you ask the average person what reality means, answers usually range from the abstract to philosophical and possible a blank stare. We will use understanding to come to a logical conclusion.

If we live in a world of duality (good/bad, up/down or light/dark) and if "like and unlike are the same" than controlling one side means you can control the other. Knowing light comes from dark, darkness is what we must control if we which to control our reality.

Reality can only exist in light (natural or man made), out of darkness comes light. Light is information compartmentalized also considered reality, therefore reality comes out of darkness. To control your reality you must control the darkness.

Light comes from darkness, making light an aspect of darkness. To control that aspect of darkness called reality (light), we must embrace it as an aspect of us. We must accept good and bad aspects of ourselves as normal, we do not have to act on it, just accept it. Than we will be able to understand it and re-institute (accept it again) it as a part of us.

Do not judge it, simply accept it as just a perspective. Once you come to this understanding you realize there is no light or dark.

Once you realize this understanding, you can actualize(make real) your reality by simply changing the way you think.

When you change the way you think, your perspective will change; follow by a change in your reality.


Idea bubble = Darkness
Brain in water = Light
Computer = Reality
when we control our ideas, we control the mind which controls our reality.

The Father is darkness
The Holy Spirit is light
The Son is reality
You are GOD
You are The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit.
The Father is not The Son, The Son is not The Holy Spirit and The Holy Spirit is not The Father.

Only when you understand all three are aspects of God (you), will you than actualize your true reality, not someone else.


My Golden Belt is on and my Kung Fu is Strong ~ B.S.A

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