Literally the only chart we need right now! 🤯

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Screen Shot 20200630 at 9.13.12 AM.png SOURCE

Covid-19 Crypto Tracker!!

Screen Shot 20200630 at 8.56.22 AM.png

Let's see how Bitcoin's Doing?? I dunno, looks like a lower low!

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HXB HEX.BET mewning soon?

I like to speculate on these really new coins on uniswap! HXB looks like it may have potential to be a big winner!
Screen Shot 20200630 at 9.01.46 AM.png
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вы правы, анализируя графики эта монета может пойти вверх, Спасибо за обмен

What do you think about bitcoin do you see it will make bart simpson ? down


Kinda, that's what the chart's implying! It seems bearish to me, i'd rather be wrong about that but we'll just have to wait and see. We could easily see the 7k range again if this bart trend holds true! Maybe if we're lucky just down to his chin! lol


if we broke 9192 we can see bitcoin go up again . thank you


Nice!! BTC to the moon!

Thank you very much for your market analysis, have a nice day and good mood

for you


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