Are you already using Bitcoin to transact between you and friends/ family? ;]

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The ligthning network is being developed and growing rapidly.
Still I wouldnt hold too much of my btc in it, due to its experimental being.

For little payments it works nearly perfect. Just cash out after that.

Cuz channels can be closed, nodes go offline and potential utx in channels can be lost.

Ive also already gotten some sats as tips. :) in various telegram groups via their lightning bots as thanks when I helped someone. ;]

What are your experiences with satoshis and the lightning network, if youve already made any?

What did you like? What didn't you like? Which implementations/ functions are you missing/ waiting for?

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When you like a bank-coin which has no purpose in the Nakamoto-protocol. Bitcoin can only be sustained with ON-Chain scaling. This is not a additional feature its a nessesity, this is actualy how bitcoin works --> constant validation by miners results in the existence of coins. Coins are not stored ones and zeros, they only exist as long as "miners" validate the state of the replicated state machine which we call "Blockchain". There are no copies of neither the blockchain, nor copies of the coins, thats simply not how bitcoin works. Yes there are structure homologous entries on the hard-drives of the full-nodes, but those are not the coins and the coins are not the sum of all "copies", the coins are an emergent property soley dependent on constant validation. Its called a data-grid or grid store which is homologous to something we call "cloud". Miners have to validate even when there are no transactions, Bitcoin is not quiescent it cant stop and wait. Its fully dependent on the profitability of the validators and validators are only profitable by collecting transaction fees >>ON<< chain. Dependence on the price pump is not sufficient. Bitcoin is no store of value because the system does not have a permanent store. The store of value aspect is a byproduct of bitcoin being valuable and bitcoin is only valuable longterm when miners are profitable and miners are profitable if and only IF Bitcoin is used ON-CHAIN.

Blockstream is funded by banks and payment providers like Axa, Mastercard, people like Lawrence H. Summers former Chief economist of World Bank and Glenn Hutchins who also sits in the NY Federal reserve Bank...pls wtf? The are leachers sucking as much value out of the system.


Yes! Absolutely! That's also why I don't really agree with Saifedean Ammous (author of BTC Standard), who often told in interviews that in his pov BTC as it is rn is enough. Cuz on-chain would only be used for settlement, like central-banks do, and the actual transactions would be enough for that.

But I agree more with you. ;)

So I guess you don't like the ln?


Glad that you read the bitcoin standard and probably have heard about all the 10 trillion bitcoin hype. Well off chain channels are great tools but they sell it as sufficient and as scaling solution. Nakamoto wrote that he made bitcoin fixed supply simply because there was no other decentralized way to make it stable. No smartcontracts no oracles and even today they are not reliable. Bitcoin the sovereign e cash has not arrived yet. Temporarily both bitcoin core and ln are great tools for many. Longterm they are 666. What do you think is the better bitcoin?


Grin is interesting :)

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