bitcoin woes and fears

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cryptospace is shooken up
Cryptonians are watching with deep concern. as btc & eth-led selloff on Monday erased some of the massive gains that we have seen this year. Of the top 40 digital currencies on Crypto Currency Market Cap, 38 ended Monday in the red. Total market caps of cryptocurrencies fell to $91 billion, a more than 20% drop from an all-time high of $117.2 billion mid-June, more details @ coinbase (racryptospace)
this massive drop has many in panic to sell off and get out before it's too late. with all or most of these being early adopters. the thoughts and wallets are looking like our dear friend pikachu see' here. giphy_s-7.gif
Btc -rival-eth fell on Monday. a well known exchange's efforts to boost confidence in it's coins and exchange has announced a credit for customers who lost money during last week's flash crash.
Eth, also known as etherium, traded 20.9 percent lower at $239.63 Monday afternoon, info can be found at coin desk or your exchange of choice.
Last Wednesday, eth briefly fell in a flash crash from above $300 to 10 cents on Coinbase's GDAX exchange. On Friday, the exchange said it would credit customers who "experienced the call or stop loss order" by the exchange GDAX during the flash crash.. eth as it stands now seen here
it's rival bitcoin chart as follows
what should u do well like new adopters u could tremble and run to get out or study cryptospace what coin in hard times do I mine to as a safety net to secure my growth in crypto this is where u make that choice yes u could follow others but if that fails u will b more angry mk the choice best for you're investment and when the smoke clears and we are at a balance in cryptospace and free from tyrants who want to controlled and point fingers we will b alright it takes time
invest in alt coins to raise ur btc in till balance occurs do not flee or cash out....
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Wouldn't selling off your shares contribute to the issue in the first place?? I agree, crypto will be our best defense when a economic downfall would take place. We should hold on (and buy more if you can) for the moment. Patience is a virtue.


I am not stating for any one to sell off it's what new adopters are doing in fear the best option is to use btc to invest in alt coins so ukeep moving up in crypto instead of down the mass of adopters who cash out yes add to the problem


thanks for reading and comment patients gives rewards