new crypto XRD is lunching now

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What is XRD?

RippleByte with its brand-new decentralized cryptocurrency, “XRD” debut as the latest advancement in decentralized financial market

RippleByte is excited to announce that the demand and need for XRD as a cryptocurrency stems it to organize an ICO and to turn live on cryptocurrency Exchange platforms soon after its token sale . Passionately, XRD also integrates the beta version of the its future development; its own Crypto Wallet, Exchange and Chat applications. Even more to come.

XRD has the Maximum supply of 16 Million XRD coins and which is distributed as follows- Company reserves 10.5 Million. 5 Million is Total Supply and 0.5 Million for Referral, Bounties and charity.

RippleByte is a Decentralized currency for Peer-To-Peer Payment solution with a very limited number of coins available.

Initial Token Sale
— Public Token Sale starts 15th May

— Public Token Sale ends 30th May

— Burn remaining Tokens 3rd June

— Bounty and Contest token credit 15th June

Our goal for XRD tokens is to continue growing following the decentralized payment structure and become the mainstream go-to-currency for storing , trading and for transactions and become one of the top cryptocurrencies.

Investment Plan

For investors of 3,000 XRD or more
1.0% fee for ATM and purchase transactions
Priority for limited perks
4x points for air miles
3x points for hotel points

For investors of 10,000 XRD or more
1.5% fee for ATM and purchase transactions
3x points for air miles
2x points for hotel points

For investors of 20,000 XRD or more
2.0% fee for ATM and purchase transactions
1x points for air miles
1x points for hotel points

RippleByte is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, low-cost payments across the World. RippleByte is an open source, a seamless payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. It procures advanced technical features like faster confirmations, High ends security and Improved storage efficiency. RippleByte with its Hood trade volume and fluency in commerce and trade industry makes an alternative space with Cryptocurrency.

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RippleByte is a Decentralized currency for Peer-To-Peer Payment solution with a very limited number of coins available.
Great solutions !!!


is it good for long term?????

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