Let Go


"One, always mindful, should avoid the trap*. Letting go, one will then cross over the flood like the one who, having bailed out the boat, will reach the far shore."
Sakyamuni, from the Atthakavagga 4:1

If you find yourself longing, in self-despair, examine the truth of this feeling. Examine it deeply with an open mind and an open perspective on the truth of reality. Are you just falling for societal norms or are you truly discerning the arising and passing away of each moment, reality?

Let go, let go of what you assume to be that which will soothe your spirit so that you can truly see with clarity what it is that truly soothes your spirit. Stop the chase, stop the wheel of destruction (samsara), simply by letting go. Do what you have to do through discernment. Be vigilant. As a result, gain true clarity. This opens the great eye, the seer of all things.

In this way, clean your inner house. With the right amount of effort one will cross over this flood, reach the far shore, experience the ultimate delight. There will be those that will stay behind, floundering on the near shore. Those people will not gain the clarity, will not let go. Again and again they will reformulate, and never cross over.

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