Buddhist - My Thoughts for Thursday

3년 전

I sit here content in knowing that this realm is just one of the many realms of existence, and smile when thinking about how this reality we experience is merely an illusion in many ways.

This thought comes to mind...

What we think, we become.

Now reflect on that for a moment. Because it is truth, staring ourselves right in the face. Have you ever accomplished something magnificent in your life?

Didn't you first have to think about what it was you intended to accomplish?

You see that was a calling to the universe.

You thought it, acted upon it and made it so!

I am what I think I am.

Think about the times you felt good about yourself. Were you not proud of something you had done, didn't you simply allow yourself a bit of self-appreciation. Love yourself friends.

These are my thoughts for the day.


Images kindly provided by www.pexels.com

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Your thought is a nice thought about buddish. Good pictures. I follow and upvote you. Do same for me.


Thanks. I hope it brings you one step closer to enlightenment.


Very nice work! I'm a buddhist myself. I'll be following you.

Good picture :) good night :)


Sleep well friend. May good dreams guide your way.

We are what we think, but ultimately we become attached to what we think we are without realizing just how much this limits who we really are.
This is a deep post and brings to light a lot of things upon which I should focus and remain mindful in my daily life as I go about working, playing,teaching, learning, and ultimately, unlearning.

Thank you for the deep look into myself. I appreciate it very much. Namaste.


Good thoughts. I agree with this perspective. Being mindful is very important.


Absolutely. I stand for the enlightenment of all beings.