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An Introduction to Acta.

The guts of 20 - 21 month has past since I came to the Steem chain. It seems all of my shouting about what could be is possible in an others eyes too. Great boost to the ego that, So watch out guys I am on the prowl again, with new invigorated enthusiasm.

Plop! Dropped into this ocean of Steem. Doesn't that make us swim in clouds. Maybe we should be angels and not fish. Anyway. After my initial splash. Time to get down to work. If we can show progress and a benefit from the project, we might get to keep the delegation or attract more.

Our current stage is development. As we develop in these initial stages we would still like more investment. We offer attractive rewards to an investor with long term goals.


I'd like to organize this so that it can become a company. Make this change when needed with ease.

Could you write for the Acta account?
Community orientated posts. Promoting community involvement for a direction you would like to take our project. I have a direction for the project over all, This does need the involvement of other communities or and individuals.

Do you have something to offer a new community that could help it grow?
If so then we might very well be able to work together and both parties benefit.

There are many ways to move forward. The best one to take is the one you want to travel on. Right now our efforts will be limited to the growth we can generate. The same as with The Hive I am ambitious to grow a similar rate of growth here in Acta. Interactions are needed for this and a growing number of participants will be needed with time.

Acta Support.
We basically need a person for everyone that would work within a company. As this is on the Steemit platform. Posting might play a key part in that. We would appreciate anyone who might write for the @Acta account. Rewards for this now are 50% what we can generate on a post.

Test Pilot scheme.
We are also looking for 20 participants for a pilot vote subscription. If interested in learning more about this project, contact @thehive 6 - 10 places I expect to be taken. The Hive account is going to take one of these spots, Plus the Yes We Can Account.

It has been pointed out that I could gain more by self voting and getting 100% of the rewards. Doing so does not help grow a community though, it only grows one account. A community is what I want to grow. Then later a community of communities.

Any investment would be a long term investment that compounds on itself.

Early bird investment opportunity. Would you invest in a community along side your Steem. Would you invest were your investment will have three levels of investment for your Steem? This is what we are working toward and giving security to to those investing with us.

We would aim to grow any long term investment to provide an annual return of 110% of original investment.

Who knows maybe this is something even @Steemit or @ned might be interested to invest in. The depth of this project does offer great potential to increase the value of Steem and the demand for it.

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