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Hello Air-Clinicians & Friends,

This writeup is in response to @JerryBanfield's post about "BUDGET PROPOSALS"

First of all, we thank Jerry for all the amazing work he is doing on the steem blokchain. He has single handedly advertized steemit with Youtube Videos, Facebook promo, Google Ads etcz. Also with the @jerrybanfield bot giving out an average of 60% APR to investors and delegators, its really one of its kind. Now the beautiful part of it is that he is using a good chunk of the profits for funding BUDGET PROPOSALS for Steem-related endeavours.

Now unto the business of the day. This is our budget proposal for the air-clinic website project. @AIR-CLINIC began operations 40 days ago to be exact. It was founded by a team of health-experts -Dr. George Edeh ( @NairaDaddy), Dr. Blessing Imade ( @TheLoveJunkie) and a health enthusiast Mr. Ejemai (@Ejemai).

We started as a discord community of health-experts, health-enthusiasts and clients where we deliver the following services to clients;
For a more detailed post about this, see "HOW #AIR-CLINIC HAS HELPED THE STEEM BLOCKCHAIN"


An Early Sneek-peek!


  • We are building an open-source website on the steem blockchain to decentralize healthcare and reward positive contributions to healthcare


  • We see a world where people are more disposed to live a healthy lifestyle and spread health-related matters including discoveries because they would be rewarded for it using the steem blockchainetc.

Features that enhance the steem blockchain:

  • Reward contributions to healthcare using a voting bot
  • Use steem/sbd currencies to pay for healthcare
  • Increase the visibility and popularity of Steem and steemit
  • Onboard healthcare experts including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists, physiotherapists, psychologists etcz.
  • Onboard health-enthusiasts and make them much more interested in living a healthy life.

How It Works:

  • First of all we design a website where contributions to the medical sector can be posted
  • After promotions, people know about it and post their medical stuff on the website
  • We have moderators who sift through the posts and find those worthy of being on our website and approve.
  • Our upvote bot automatically detects approved posts and upvotes according to predefined standards.
  • Additionally, we will be able to give medical consultations, diagnostics and other services


2000 STEEM which roughly equates to $10000- 12000 USD (at the current market prices)

Use Of The Budget:

  • Web Hosting
  • Web Domain Name purchase
  • Web development
  • Alpha & Beta Testing/ Bug-fixing
  • Upvote Bot development on the @air-clinic account.
  • Payment of Web Developers. Our Current devs include @akintunde, @casweeney etcz.
  • Payment of Bot Developer @neander-squirrel.
  • Payment for consultancy of other more experienced developers in cases of bottlenecks.
  • Payment of moderators
  • Payment for Online Promotions including Steemit promotions to trending page, Facebook, Google Ads, Viral Marketing
  • Payment for Offline Promotions including Billboards, newspapers, magazines, radio, live meetup etcz



  • Build the first decentralized website for healthcare
  • Get closed/open Beta testers
  • Release the webapp when fully functional
  • Get Steem Power Delegations To Run The Upvote Bots.
  • Active Promotions in both online and offline media
  • Outlook on the SMTs, and token rewards system.

With these, we believe we have laid down a good foundation towards decentralizing the healthcare sector via the power of the Steem Blockchain. More news and info to come soon.

We also want to use this opportunity to reach out to everyone that has been helping #AIR-CLINIC to reach her dreams so far. Thank you all.

Cheers to a decentralized economy!


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that is good idea!!


looking forward to it @air-clinic

Wow, this sounds like a great idea, if your looking for more health care professionals to participate, I'm a Canadian Nurse Practitioner with experience in primary care and cardiology.


Hello @phelimint,
we are glad to meet another cool nurse on the steem blockchain.
We will definitely love to have you join us on our platform on DISCORD.
Here's the link: https://discord.gg/rqded5m
See yah!


Great stuff. Thanks for sharing sir.


You are welcome @kikiriki. Cheers!

We are moving forward at great speed. It will be good to seethe website come to fruition.


Yes @cecicastor. The website will be ready pretty soon. And we all can benefit from its existence and functionality. Cheers!

We are going to the moon together.

Good to see everyone marking out strategy to leverage on SMT.


Sure @autofreak. What we have here is definitely an SMT candidate. Cheers!

This is a lovely idea,I hope the website gets to see the light of the day. Good luck


Sure @addempsea. The people behind this project are committed to make sure it comes out fully formed. Cheers!

Kudos to @nairadad @thelovejunkie and @ejemai
Keep doing good...you are going places..


Thanks @ponmile. Keep visiting #AIR-Clinic... Cheers!

This is great


Thank you @isaacgh. Cheers!

My number one steem community. Lovely project. Thank you. I upvote this


Thank you for the kind words @mimidiamond. We appreciate the fact that you love what we are doing. Cheers!

Good work dear keep it up Thanks for sharing


Thank you @cristitaylor. #AIR-CLINIC loves to keep us all healthy. Cheers!

My head is constantly working on the UI of the @air-clinic website. I am honored to be working on this project. Thanks @nairadaddy and @air-clinic.


You are welcome @casweeney. Keep the works alive. Cheers!

I love this idea. You guys are great. If you can imagine it, you can do it.


Sure dear @joblissby! Every reality ever created begins in the mind. What @AIR-CLINIC is doing has already passed through that phase...its heading towards grand-reality now! Cheers!

This is a good initiative


Thank you @peterakpan. Cheers!

this is encouraging with a clearer vision where people will live a healthy life freely and also make money while doing so.
This is the best news i have ever heard this year.


Thank you @charlescarter. We are glad you like what we are doing.
Btw: you should come join us in the community let's share health knowledge together and have fun. Cheers!
See link here: https://discord.gg/rqded5m


Am fully with you guys, any time any day and i have joined air-clinic on discord since.

Wow! This is an amazing effort, irresistibly awesome. May God continue to bless all @air-clinic team. I'm highly impressed. Kindly follow back.


hello there. I am new here. I have voted and followed you. please visit my profile and do same. thanks

This is exactly what I'd hope to see happening on this platform. People coming together to create something that will help shape lives for the better. Thank you so much for doing what you are all doing! So proud to be a part of the community (even if I'm microscopic) that helps bring about great things like this!


Well hello @jenayarosemarie,
You aren't microscopic dear. We are all important as Steemians in this world.
Keep contributing your quota to humanity.
Cheers dear!

This is beautiful, you three really have good initiatives and vision clear in mind from the start. Air-clinic will succeed and make history on the blockchain.Kudos @nairdaddy, @thelovejunky and @ejemai.


Thank you our dear able Chief Clinic Receptionist!. Cheers!

This is a really good initiative. Health is very important, more important than money and this project will greatly help a lot of people, specially those who can't afford the regular medical fees. Thanks for the wonderful project.


Thank you so much @riovanes. We appreciate your goodwill and kind words. Cheers!
Btw; you can come join our growing community of health-experts, health-enthusiasts and clients.
Alot to learn from there.
Here's the link: https://discord.gg/rqded5m
See yah!


Am a Doctor, i will like to be part of this initiative! Nice post though am new to steemit!


Hello @frankabelle,
Oh wow! We love Doctors. You should come join us in the community.
Here's our Discord link: https://discord.gg/rqded5m
See yah!


Wow. this is novel. Good one guys

@air-clinic I love the idea how can we start a bid smaller than 2000 Steem to begin, make progress, and then send another payment? For example, we might prefer to pay for the website prior to paying for ads? I am sending an upvote through the bot now of 50 SBD to provide some initial funding which hopefully will provide a bit of extra visibility also!


Oh wow @jerrybanfield,
the $50 upvote would definitely be nice as it helps the visibility of this post.
We can start with the website designing, bug-fixing, alpha & beta-testing and launching then.
Web & Bot Designer fees would also come in here.

Perhaps 500 Steem should cut that part. The price of steem has since dropped below that range we used initially but we can manage.

Thank you for all you do on the Steem blockchain.


@air-clinic thank you for replying with a starting amount of 500 Steem! With the price recently dropping, I will send 600 Steem which is worth about $3000 now and I hope is enough to make a strong start on this project! When you launch, would you do a budget proposal to fund the next steps because then would be a great time for additional funding?


Thank you so much @jerrybanfield. We received the 600 Steem from you. It will go a long way in helping us startup from somewhere. We will definitely do a progress report and budget proposal for the next steps. Cheers!

BTW: You are invited to come join #AIR-CLINIC on Discord. It will be nice to have you. Also it will be easy for our growing community of over 600+ members to see you and support your witness. https://discord.gg/rqded5m. We hope to see you!

Muy buen proyect, te sigo y me sigues?

Thank you @budgets for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 51.57% on this post! Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem! The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me! For help, will you please visit https://jerrybanfield.com/contact/ because I check my discord server daily? To learn more about Steem, will you please use http://steem.guide/ because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

This is a great project.I believe that it will go a long way.

I really like it! I think is a great idea!