PayWithSteem Budget Proposal!

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PayWithSteem Budget Proposal

Request for funding to make PayWithSteem v2.0 a reality

Why Do We Need Money?

Well things are changing over @paywithsteem, when we first started we were taking all orders and fulfilling them manually and in return this degraded our service. Due to having to sleep (Like a normal person) we could not always take orders straight away and because of this the customer would have to wait several hours just to get a response.

Since then we have stopped taking orders and started fundraising for PayWithSteem v2.0 (Completely new order system). So far we have managed to raise around $900 in liquid steem via post rewards and $3900 in SP (We hope to not have to use this as it will take 3 months to power down and we will not be able to vote etc). All the money raised will be used to pay the developers for creation of the new site.

How Much We Need

We are asking for 2,460 STEEM or $9100 at current prices. We set a goal of $10k for the fundraiser and this would fill the gap. However if you cannot make the full amount anything would be greatly appreciated as it will still help us along!


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Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at

Given the strong support we have seen here through upvotes and comments along with all that you have done already, we have now fully funded this project for $9,100 which currently is 2,840 Steem!

fully funded btcvenom 2.jpg


Thank you SO much @jerrybanfield for helping us make PWS v2.0 a reality!


Really stoked for this ! Happy for you guys!


Thanks man, I am super happy too!


Thank you so much @jerrybanfield for believing in us!!! We really appreciate what you're doing.

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Vote me please

Great ! Upvoted and resteemed .

Nice projects buddy

Excellent. I aplaud your efforts. I've upvoted this post. I know it isn't a lot, but it all adds up. Cheers!

Paywithsteem and the person behind it, btc venom has proved to me over the many months of watching, that he invests all his earnings from stem BACK into stem based projects, he is all in, and Already has achieved the ability of steemians to buy products with steem using his wishlist feature on

he has turned steemit into a website that ears you free gifts and electronics and prizes! When people start order prepaid Via Cards already activated in the mil, using their earnings n steemit, through paywithsteem, people will take steemit MUCH more seriously and this is something that is Possible if he gets the funding!

Jerry Banfield, from one dedicated steemian to another, BTCvenom is a one man army and with the right funding, he could do the work of 100 people, and prvide steemit with a seriousonline store that let's you buy verything with steem directly, makig steemit's value THAT muc more useful to MILLIONS of non crypto savvy people!

Besides the #teamghana project with @steem4depoor @kofpato and @mcsamm , @paywithsteem by @btcvenom is one of my favorite projects I want to recommend for receiving funding.

He works harder than most people I know on steemit, he sets goals and completes them and provides steemit with an amazing feature that bridges the gap in allowing people t SPEND their Steem/SBD

I understand there are some manual processes he needs to autmate,s imilar to my friends @desmnd41 nd @enockagbo1 who are automating amanual Gana fiat to sbd exchange service they already use, so I see a LOT of automation being needed for our projects

@jerrybanfield I imploreyou to meet the challenge of helpig btcvenom automate his project

if he can hire people, auomae his website, or just generally upgradeit with more features who KNOWS how popylar steemit could become, especily with kids, IMAGINE when kids can buy a Nintndo Switch with Steem they earn n steemit!

We can make steem in a game where you get an Arcade like prize area where you can cash in your tokens for a prize, I swear this will help catapult steem to new levels, just imagine when we have a LINK on that tkes you toa STORE where you can use steemconnect v2 to just CHECK OUT and even pay for SHIPPINg with steem

OYEAH he eeds funding to automate SHIPPIG I was THINKING abouthw we can partner with USPS or fedex or UPS an get an onlineshipping API connection, so we can just use Steem/SBD to pay for SHIPPING

armed with shipping we can use steem to pay for, nw every steemian can use their stem blog to List Products,m use thir wallets to accept payments for the products with a Invoice in the Memo where you just enter in a product code, and then you mix in the shipping process...the sellr of the items would be able to take cre of the shipping and use the steem they just earned from the sale to pay for it , no waiting like on ebay! H man this is going to be AWESOME we can compete with openbazaar!


Zachary thank you for your comment because your passion for the project combined with the contributions you have already made in the community helps me see the value in funding this!

This needs to get out there on the blockchain.
Upvoted and Resteemed

Nice projects buddy!

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Great project!
Doubt I can do much, but I have upvoted and resteemed.
Hope to see the hope fulfilled soon.

I hope you‘ll get there, best of luck🍀

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wow...good luck for your project :D

@btcvenom and his @paywithsteem website ervice really does deserve this funding!

Imagine if they had a built in shipping option , through a special deal maybe with a company like DHL, they could allow a steemian to list prducts on thir Blg

maybe we can even have a special front end to make product listing easier, and have it auto format the post, the posts will show up with all their info on the front nd too, you could ave the customers send payment with a special product code in the memo , or it would be an automated checkout system using steemconnect if they use our special front end we could make to compete with open bazaar!

WOW Just imagine all the things paywithsteem could do with more funding! This is seriously a project that we need to support becuse it adds a much needed real life technical feature to steemit, a rel store where you can buy things with your steem/SBD and have them shipped also by paying with steem/sbd!

Nice post, i like post

Brilliant post amazing work in steemit life I follow u

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Great project guys, good luck with it all. Tell me, how are you able to offer the discount on amazon items?

Nice project, bro!
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Nice post

Upvote me please

I am delegating 2k SP in April to help out.

it's cool

I like post