Introducing A Solution to Encourage/Facilitate Minnow Growth on Steem. The EarthNation Bot! Giving 5X Upvotes to Minnows Only.

4년 전

Here is an excerpt from the introduction post for our new bot @earthnation-bot.

"I am the first bot on steemit to offer 5X up-votes for minnows only!

This is how i work....
I only up-vote users with less then 500 SP, who have NEVER powered down.

I ALWAYS gives at least a 500% up-vote.

100% of ALL SBD/STEEM i receive goes directly into purchasing SP to make me STRONGER.

I will NEVER power down.

Initially minnows are limited to 1 up-vote a day. As more minnows request my services, minnows will be limited to between 1 upvote a week to 1 upvote a month.

In 7 days, my Dad the @earthnation is going to give me 500SP to start turning 0.02 SBD into 0.10$ up-votes!

One day i hope to grow so powerful, i can give out 1$ up-votes to all minnows once a week in exchange for just 0.2 SBD!

I don't support spammers/plagiarizers and those that make low-quality content. Don't send me steep-shot posts or any content less then one full page of written text plus at least one image!

I don't upvote posts older then 3 days.

I ALWAYS issue refunds to those that ask (if you overpay or i don't give you an up-vote).

I will be filing a daily report on the posts i up-vote! Please feel free to support minnows everywhere by up-voting my posts, my comments, and by sending me donations! 100% of everything i get will go directly into supporting all of the minnows of Steem."

We know that by making it easy for minnows to start earning a small amount of SBD/SP on their first posts, it will radically increase user adoption.

Furthermore, the @earthnation-bot will seek out users in the #introduceyourself to tell them about this service and also to link them to this minnow-support guide we made;

We are requesting as much funding as you want to give this bot-service. The more funding we have, the more minnows we can support.


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@earthnation thank you for submitting the proposal which I just reviewed! I like the idea and am certain there are members of our community that will provide delegations. We have funded your proposal with a 20 SBD upvote on your post through my bot which will payout SBD that can be used to purchase Steem and power it up along with the opportunity for more visibility to reach additional delegators!


Thank you @jerrybanfield! We really admire you and all you are doing for the Steemit Community.

Thank you for choosing to support this initiative!

We made a software system suite that is designed to convert facebook followers into steemit followers. We would love to offer you a free subscription. Details here


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This is awesome and great idea!

We just help and what we receive? Help, i hope so.


Enjoy the vote and reward!

What a wonderful time it is to be a minnow! Thanks @earthnation for creating such an awesome tool. It will really help strengthen the minnow community.

Thank you, I just started on steemit this will be very helpful

great initiative

Wow it is really helping project you do to support steemians,really great.

Anything that promotes quality here on Steemit has my vote -granted it's not much right now but it's something. I think it's a great idea to help people who are just starting and have something interesting to say.

Echt super Idee 👏👏👏👏👏👏

a content be most valuable when that content give us well information about bitcoin. i like it

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i share some picture of my life around the world :)

@budgets @jerrybanfield

Here is our submission for steem funding from the Jerry BanField Budgets Program.

I like this, I'm in. Thanks for having our backs, it feels great to know we are not alone. Very Big thank you on behalf of every minnows.

Hy steemians i'm new to the community
Please help me steem my post this my link
I promise never to plagiarise

Thanks @earthnation This is an awesome opportunity you are providing. x5 Good. I will extremely use your service all the time.