Promote Steem Posts and Fund Budget Proposals with Our Voting Bot!

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Transferring 0.1+ SBD to @jerrybanfield with the link to a post on now results in an automatic upvote based on the existing bids with half of the amount sent going to fund budget proposals to grow Steem from while the other half is returned to investors delegating Steem power to @jerrybanfield!

To track bids on the @jerrybanfield voting bot, visit by @yabapmatt. The bot votes 10 times a day at the same times every day.

Steem Post Promotion Tutorial!

To make a bid on the bot for promoting a post, visit while replacing jerrybanfield with our username. Next, go to SBD and select "transfer"

Then, enter in jerrybanfield into the account name, choose the amount of SBD to send with a minimum of 0.1 SBD, and place only the post URL from in the memo field.

Finally, hit send to complete the transfer using the active key to sign in! The vote will then automatically be placed within 3 hours at the most along with a comment thanking you for promoting the post! Invalid bids will automatically be returned.

Currently we are only accepting SBD but soon Steem will be an option too! When the bot starts voting, it takes 20 seconds to process each vote because of the comments meaning it may take 20 or more minutes during large rounds of votes to make every single vote.

Ideal Bidding Strategy

The simple strategy is to send the same bid on every new post after making it because this gives every post a consistent boost which helps maximize potential for more upvotes. For maximum profitability, learn what times the bot votes at and check the bot 10 to 30 minutes before it votes to see if a vote is profitable. Alternatively, sending a vote at the beginning of a round helps others decide whether to bid and often will ensure a vote that at least breaks even.

For most of us, what we are short on is time and attention. Checking every bot for the most profitable upvote takes some of our very valuable and limited time. This time could also be spent writing a post, reading other posts, enjoying life with family, earning money another way, etc. In everything I do I try to maintain awareness for what is my time worth. Spending 30 minutes to find the most profitable voting bot and then spending another 30 minutes obsessing over how much the vote was worth and what the return is may help a few of us earn an extra few dollars while often leading to about the same result we would have gotten using another bot. When our efforts to profit fail and we end up losing money in the transaction, we feel bad not because of the money but because we know we could have spent that hour in a better way.

When we make simple systems and use those systems every day, our lives are often much happier even if we end up with a few less dollars in our pockets. Our hope for this voting bot is that it works to promote posts consistently AND we feel good using it because we know that half the funds are being use to fund growth projects for Steem while the other are helping investors stay motivated to hold Steem power.

Investors, Delegations, and Funding!

Our voting bot is funded to begin with my approximately 100,000 Steem power plus the delegations of investors supporting our projects and earning a 50% return. To see how to delegate and earn a 50% return on the entire voting power delegated plus a bonus for my voting power, will we please follow the instructions in the last post at because inside are screenshots showing two ways to delegate Steem power?

To summarize, delegating Steem power to @jerrybanfield now essentially converts our voting power into 50% payments for Steem budget proposals and 50% in returns paid in whatever the bot receives which is currently SBD. Soon Steem will be accepted also! Investor reports each week will show the exact numbers based on each delegation. Those of us delegating early get a huge bonus because I am putting all of my Steem power in without getting any return meaning those delegating get returns on my Steem power also.

Our hope is that providing this simple option to delegate to jerrybanfield in exchange for both funding Steem budget proposals and providing a 50% return on the bot's earnings will motivate investors to hold onto Steem power through providing a consistent and transparent return which adjusts immediately with the Steem and SBD prices.

Thank You For Joining Us!

We are excited to begin this journey together in collaborating to fund projects on Steem! Will you please join over 2,500 of us in voting for jerrybanfield as a witness at because 100% of the witness earnings are helping increase the voting power of the bot which makes for more profitable upvotes and higher returns for both budget proposals and investors delegating Steem power?

Jerry Banfield

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So your account will now only be used for bid-bot voting? You're not doing any manual or automated voting other than with the bid-bot?


...delegations of investors supporting our projects and earning a 50% return.

This isn't a good deal for delegators. They can get much higher returns by voting manually or through any number of automated services.

Our hope is that providing this simple option to delegate to jerrybanfield in exchange for both funding Steem budget proposals...

To me, it seems that this is really the main reason for your new bot: to attempt to do with this what you have continued to try to do when you were with DASH and now here with Steem/Steemit, which is to fund your own "marketing" campaigns where you give Facebook a bunch of money to "promote" Steem/Steemit to your fake followers.

And since your previous attempts at receiving these "budgets" have pretty much failed, you figured you'd just create a bid-bot and disguise it as a "community benefit" once again. This time, however, you know that all of the poor helpless minnows that "just can't get ahead" will be more than willing to send you money because they think that there's no possible way to earn money or get noticed without the bid-bots...because people like you and others keep filling their heads with this nonsense.

Anyway - that's just my opinion. Have a great day!


Oh, I just read Jerry's other post where he introduced the bid-bot the first time. Looks like I was right...

Design a project intended to add value to the Steem blockchain such as hosting a meetup, building an app, advertising Steem online, scheduling a meeting to pitch Smart Media Tokens, marketing Steem to an existing audience, etc. For example, I will be submitting proposals for ads for Steem on Google and Facebook...

So,'re going to be submitting your own proposals for your own budget review from the money earned from your own bid-bot. But you'll at least be returning half of half of the payments from your bid-bot to its delegators.

Seems legit.


Yes naturally this is designed to fund all of our project ideas including those we have worked together on for months with the ads and the exchange!


The flaws with your ideas have already been pointed out by many people. I expected nothing other than you continuing down the same path of failure. It's your MO.

Good luck with that.


50% is a joke. smartsteem gives 90% to sponsors.


@boomerang gives 100% to the delegators ;)


@alexvan nice :) But I think 90% is pretty fair.


Of course ;)

I even recommended @bobbyboe to use smartsteem, I think he must have contacted you.

I wanted to highlight that 50% is a rip off :)))

Anything above 80% is good.


Smartsteem is also about to make Minnowbooster look like a 1920's rusty nail.


haha - well, minnowbooster is still a huge inspiration. :D


right bro


For returns, while getting a higher percentage might be better for the short term, funding projects that help add the value of Steem with the other 50% might help with producing a much higher Steem price when a few of the projects are successful. A higher Steem price with a 50% return on delegation may equal much more than getting a higher return purely on the delegation.


You're assuming that your ridiculous Facebook ads are going to drive people to Steem/Steemit and increase prices as a result. There's no evidence that your "marketing" plan will work at all. It would probably be better to simply give those rewards to spammers rather than piss them away on FB advertising. At least spammers might tell their spammer friends and possibly increase interest for Steem.

You, on the other hand, just make it look more scammy...with no added benefit of drawing in new users.


Should i agree with you?


Yes I will not vote anymore on Steem because the bot will do all of it! We are having a great day here and appreciate you thinking of us!


@jerrybanfield I haven't received an answer to the question I asked - why did you create a post about SBD that was over 1 week old - since the price in that post was around 2$ while it is already for over a week now at 10$.


least now i know why he ignored me when i suggested bots will kill steemit. lol. think it is time to unfollow someone...

and follow @ats-david . nice to meet you, appreciate your words, thanks for this comment.


You haven't already done this?


Thanks! You can also approve my witness, if you like it!


Top comment and earning $17 atm because the real steemit knows.


@tpot demolishes him by far


Try to look at it with a different perspective. If you view Uber as an investment, it's economic suicide. But Uber has made the world a better place. @jerrybanfield isn't using the rewards for his personal use. He's trying to spread awareness about steemit and other proposals that try to bring value to steemit. Even many people in the crypto-sphere are unaware of steemit. So I think what Jerry is doing is a great thing.

It's simply not the best way for you to make money. If you think of the whole project as a low-profit charity instead of investment, things would actually look pretty nice.

Existence of bid-bots is a completely different topic and there are many bots on steemit already. All I'm saying is to look at what @jerrybanfield is doing from a different perspective. He's not actively trying to do anything malicious or forcing anybody to do anything. So let it run.

Bunch ofads on internet with low ROI is still better than having nothing at all woth zero ROI as long as funds are acquired without violating the NAP.

Happy steeming!


Bernie gave the perfect name to jerry. Veryscamfield.

Really, it does match him very well.

This is an interesting post for two reasons.
.Easy to read.
. This is a good way to help steemians.
Keep on steemit.


This is an interesting comment to read for two reasons.

  • Noobies know nothing about competitor bid bots
  • Noobies don't know how to markdown.

And you're level 59?

I'm just givin you a hard time mane, you should def check out the competition though. Jerry is garbo and he entered garbo^3

So finally you are into bot business sir @jerrybanfiled

I will try your bot definitely, just saw you bot in last voting cycle u received around 7 sbd that s a great start..

Thank you.

Hi ,
Thanks for the great content

@jerrybanfield I just used it, and will get your first bot upvote of all times soon. A new thing for the history of the platform.

This is a great time to get SBD liquid assets now, and the voting bot will help you achieve this and get more funds for all the contributions and promotion you are doing for all the steemit community and platform.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Regards, @gold84

FYI: I sent 1 sbd and just received a 2.48 SBD Upvote from @jerrybanfield first time voting bot round! Thanks Jerry for adding this service for a good cause of the steemit community!


@gold84 thank you for continuing to promote posts with the bot!


@jerrybanfield thanks to you for creating the bot, and use it to the benefit of the steemit community. I think your ideas, will finally get the right path, sooner or later.

I have been posting a series of 20 ideas in order to improve the steemit front-end interface. The main idea behind this is to make it easier for new visitors and new members to learn important things from the platform, that will definitely increase the capture, and retain of many members, and I believe many inactive members will be active if this things were available.

Not everyone is like you and me searching for everything if we don't find it. Some people don't like to search that much or do not have the time to do so. So, if we make some features easier to undertstand and learn, I am convinced we can get a faster growth on steemit.

It will be perfect, when you get a chance to check some of this posts/ideas and give comments on how to develop them, or make them better.

Regards, @gold84


@tpot gives better returns.


Did you do the math right?

Hey sir your efforts to make Steemit Community great again are appreciable and I personally wish you all the best for every movement you run for the betterment of Steemit and I am big fan of your Innovative ideas and your every new idea is far ahead from last one so I wish you my gratitude and saying all the best.
Thanks for making Steemit Community great again.



You have your own bot named after you?!? Now I'm waiting for the Papa Pepper bot! 😀


Yes we are running a bot on this account now for voting!


@Papa-Pepper does manual curation.

I will definitely use this feature.

Wow, this is a short post!
What happened?


After reading many comments asking for shorter posts, we will be seeing more like this!

Another brilliant idea @Jerrybanfield. Thank you again for all the information that you give us.

  ·  3년 전

really nice information..

Hi @jerrybanfield awesome post as always. I really think this is an incredible initiative. I will definitely try using the bot when I wrap my head around it. I hope you don't mind but I decided to share your post in my Steemit Facebook Group


Always appreciate your clear reporting and help to the community.

awesome idea....all the best man

Make money and dump. Now SBD on the top, but maybe in a weekk or two it may cost less. Now jerry get all those SBD from small minnows and witdraw.

P.s: we need to reward autors who make own content. Go to new section, and choose some.


ll of us will be able to view all the transactions on the @budgets account and the @jerrybanfieldroi account because each SBD is automatically sent from @jerrybanfield to these two accounts after voting ends for the current round which is 10 times a day.

Each week or so we will have a report published on @jerrybanfield and resteemed by @budgets and @jerrybanfieldroi showing how the funds were distributed. @budgets will resteem projects from that are funded.

Our voting bot here offers 100% transparency as to where all the funds go.


I do like your Steem advertising initiatives @Jerrybanfield. I just hope that you will also continue to create great content and share with us your Steem wisdom. Also, some manual upvoting and resteeming never hurt anyone :)

Thanks dear! I really need this bot & going to try it soon.

I tried to find you lot on bid bot tracker but any bot with name jerrybanfield was not there.
I don't know what wrong is going on,can you please let me know about it.

great strategy from greater man thanks for sharing

sure i will try it its new for me and i dont know about it before to see this @jerrybanfield

Hi @jerrybanfield, bid on bot yesterday. Record of SBD was shown of transfer to your account. But no my name on the list of upvote. Now over 22 Hours, no post upvote. Please kindly check. @andyjim


I am having this same issue. I sent 3SBD today four hours ago and still no upvote. And my name didn't show on the bot tracker..
I see the transfer on my account and his. What could be the issue?


@mutitum - that's really bad. And no response from @jerrybanfield. :-(


What can we do? We need feedback on what to do.


It seems nothing we can do. Only wait for his response. ;-(.


Add me to the list. 1 SBD sent yesterday and nothing. 22 hrs ago. Here's the tx;

Thanks in advance @jerrybanfield ! I think the service is a good idea.

hi mr @jerrybanfield but you dont Not explained about minimum and maximum amount ?

I'm Awais New Here watch you video on youtube
help me understand this platform

Hey Jerry, I will use this trick.
Thanks for the update.

Very great info and easy to follow your step. I love to try by myself. :-)

Sir. Hey
It's useful information. Great job done. I personally recommended for for steemer guys . Stay blessed & steem On

thanx you sir love you

Very nice post dear

jerry, thanks for all you do. Followed your instructions, sent .1 SBD for my weekly musing on the markets and cryptos. Upvoted, and resteemed.


George thank you very much for resteeming!

I sent and still waiting for upvote

  ·  3년 전

Good content and quite informative. This is what I need. Thanks a lot.

We should discourage such bid voting bots rather than adding new ones.I might be wrong though.

Does this works if i transfer steem?... SBD are too expensive now for using them in bots...


We will be accepting Steem hopefully this week or next week after @yabapmatt adds Steem!


Cool, with the current steem dollar price, that would be very profitable... Looking forward to it...

I will check this out @jerrybanfield


Thank you Bruce! The current round of bidding has a good profit open still!

Hey sir your efforts to form Steemit Community nice once more square measure considerable and that i in person would like you all the simplest each|for each} movement you run the betterment of Steemit and that i am massive fan of your Innovative concepts and your every new plan is much ahead from last one therefore I would like you my feeling and expression all the simplest.
Thanks for creating Steemit Community nice once more.

Hey, Jerry. You are now official a bot. :D It is great that you are giving back to Steemit and that encourages me to use your account as my favorite curation bot. Have a nice day.

I thought we are done with the vote buying :/

will this cause down votes for buying votes ? your project seem very interesting, l have never tried to send out sbd or bought votes. yet l have read couple article talking about getting down votes for buying votes... l want to challenege but little scared☃️

Looks amazing bro my VP is done please vote later

Good proposal

@jerrybanfield I've been following you for a few years now and you never cease to amaze me with your output. :-D Great Job!

Wow...a nice bot on offering....good to see...but one u mentioned 3 hrs to bot to set..wat does it mean?

@jerrybanfield I'm new to Steemit and crypto in general. Your videos have been a tremendous help in getting up to speed!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield, this post is the tenth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superhero or Legend account holder (accounts hold greater than 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superhero and Legend account holders during this period was 53 and the total pending payments to posts in these categories was $2331.06. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

I think I'm one of the first to use it, I paid for my girlfriend @emem

I see someone sent you 1 SBD and jerrybanfield upvoted 2% ≈ 0.48$

Hi @jerrybanfield, I was expecting this from you. Good job mate. This will help many because you're a name of trust. I hope this activity helps you be more trust-worthy person. Great job man.

Steem On!


Thank you Yasir!

Sorry this is offtopic, can you explane to me why is such a bad thing that SBD rised?


It's not a bad thing it's a great thing. Make your posts 50/50 payout and exchange the sbd for more steem, then power up!


Actually, my plan is now to wait for the prize of steem to drop then buy it :D
I saw somewhere a post that the "heads" of steemit are trying to fix SBD problem, that is why i assumed that is a bad thing

This is a wonderfull ideal, i do buy therefor am inn.

Nice work

Just sbd or steem too??


Just SBD for now but soon Steem too!

Hey, I wanted to ask if you could make a post that explaines how one can buy EOS with steem or steem dollars. Would be much appreciated! Thanks for the post.

Nice post... 👍
I'm newbie in steem brother...
I can try..
I hope you follow me too brother... 🙋
Regards : @irdiansyah

Very interesting @jerrybanfield, perhaps I will need to participate on one of my future posts

Thank you @jerrybanfield I always follow you and subscribed your youtube channel.From your channel i have learned more and more about steemit.This is very informative and educative content thanks for sharing@jerry banfield.


Wasim thank you for following from YouTube!


Thanks for your replies.

Thank you @jerrybanfield and your YT videos I joined community platform steemit. Now I'm part of a healthy organization.

I wrote a poem for you. .

My name is Jerry and my game is really hairy. .

My last name is Banfield, but I'm known as Scamfield

I think I'm sly but I always lie. . .

Minnows don't know, so I'll give them a show. .

A bot is what they need, oh boy watch them bleed.

I'm a self promoter and now I'm a voter. . .

Give me your money, so I can feed my honey . .

I'm a jack of all trades. and now I wanna get paid. .

Maybe you can add some music to this since you are now a DJ. . .

  ·  3년 전

Love, who wouldnt love SBD for some 1:1 against steem -.-

Hi,I sent it and waiting for upvote

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 5 with 686 upvotes

Nice plan, Nice bot..

LOL, I was wondering why my post payouts suddenly decreased significantly in value...and then I realized it's because you switched from doing an autovoter, to this bid bot thing. Kinda sucks that I now, in addition to putting forth all the effort into creating quality content on the blockchain, have to spend time and energy fighting other people over bids just to get an upvote from you.

I've always respected and loved your work on here since I first discovered you in my early days on Steemit, but this just seems like a move to profit more instead of keeping with your initial goal to help the everyday minnow out on the platform.

I understand that you're trying to do bigger things for the blockchain as a whole now, but it just sucks, in my opinion, that you're doing so at the expense of us little guys at the bottom who were always so happy to see your upvotes on our posts and who really benefited from what little amounts your upvotes added to our content.

Thanks anyway for all that you do, though.


@rodeo670 thank you for sharing about this because I understand the hurt of losing consistent upvotes from automatic votes as I have lost a lot over the last six months. I noticed many of those I was autovoting were also using bots and realized that while the autovotes were helpful, often it was also disappointing to get a small vote always and my hope is that the 50% raised for @budgets will be available to those launching projects to grow Steem especially for you that were on the @steemvoter before.

I'm Getting difficulty to understand it . Actually I'm tech Lover and had work on web development and other tech like Graphics, Games and much more.Linked with a Tech Community who are ready to work with me.
I love to work to Get Our Community Rich or something like they can make money from the internet. As you know there are lots of Internet Scams which have made people to lost their faith on Internet Earning specially In Pakistan

For me manual upvoting would help steemit for long term. Bot upvoting content without knowing its value doesn't make sense in my opinion.

50% dewata thik na komche kom 80% dile valo hoito !!

This is a good idea of keeping the community growing and helping steemians. Great job @jerrybanfield

Hi! It is my firs time trying transferring SBD so I am not sure if it worked...but I hope it did❤️

  ·  3년 전

Nice initiative @jerrybanfield...
Its better than getting looted by biding bot. At least one can find peace that his money has been put to some good use rather than filling the bot stomach !


Jazi thank you for helping us confirm that this is part of the benefit of the bot is to feel good about promoting with it instead of only a profit motive!

  ·  3년 전

Cheers jerry. We all look up to you. My top witness!
Regards @xabi