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Great way explaining how to build a PC 🙂


Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to STEEM and please ignore the troll downvoters!



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mmmmmmmmmm me like it! Have fun with that!


Haha, thanks!


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PC building is so much fun man. It all started for me as a young lad when my grandma bought me one of these:


Really it was quite amazing the things that can be done with that board, and it further expanded my interest with electronics.

Can't afford to build a PC today, but it's a future goal.

Thanks for sharing bro, really got me craving the PC building bug.


Nice, I should buy one of those for my nephew so I can play with it! Who knows, maybe you'll be building it with one or two of your past steem posts!

Thanks for dropping by!


My dream buy new PC...😀👊 I work to my samsungs7😀

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May all your dreams come true my friend.


I wouldn't mind seeing this on the trending page. I have no idea when it comes to computers, but even I understood some of that! I usually zone out on technical posts like this, but this was presented in a much more entertaining way than most. You're not a teacher, are you? Todd make a good one.


Totally trending! ;)

Cheers !


Niice. Totally worthy!


I've never considered the majority of my stuff is trend-worthy, but thanks for the vote of confidence!

I've taught in some limited capacity in the past as part of my day job.