Medicinal Journals: Rose Facial Toner [An Entry for Natural Medicine Maker's Challenge]

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There's something heavenly about playing with plants. Their scent can be intoxicating, filling my kitchen with magical aromas that make me positively swoon. These last few weeks, it's been lemons, limes, roses and sage - beautiful seasonal plants which have landed on my kitchen bench in various ways.

My husband is a honey. He knows I've been after roses for some time. I don't grow them, because they just don't suit the aesthetic of our garden, although I'm very tempted to make a rose fit should one happen my way. Today he texted thirty love hearts and a capital lettered declaration: I HAVE GOT YOU TWO BAGS OF ROSE PETALS. I'm not sure whether he's trying to win me over again or what, but I did give him a big smooch when I got home.


And thus, I set to making a rose hydrosol. A hydrosol is basically a flower water, made from distilling fresh plant material. They're less concentrated than essential oils. They make great toners, perfumes and arometherapy sprays - and rose is quite obviously the goddess of them all. I won't bore you with how to make one, because this uber cute video does it just grandly. She does make me want to rush out and buy cute bowls just for this purpose!

So why steal your neighbour's roses to make a rose hydrosol?

Rose is famous for it's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties - this study outlines that:

The medicinal functions of Rosaceae are partly attributed to their abundance of phenolics compound. Phenolics possess a wide range of pharmacological activities, such as antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, and antidepressant.

No wonder it's touted for it's anti aging qualities. Perfect for a facial toner! Rather than use store bought moisteurizer, I instead use a homemade toner and a herb infused oil - it's basically the same thing. Whilst I have been using apple cider vinegar on my face, it's certainly not as pleasant as the smell of roses, is it? Whilst it might be cheaper if you're buying roses, these ones were gifted by a colleague of the man's, who is happy to give me bag loads - so bucketloads of rose water toner it is! And all I need to make it? Rose hydrosol, perhaps with a few drops of a skin loving essential oil such as frankincense, rose or lavender - even a splash of rosehip oil or jojoba oil - all ingredients I have to hand. Pop it in a recycled pump bottle - and it doubles as a spritzer. I love to keep a refreshing spray like this in my bag for when I'm feeling a bit hot and bothered, especially in summer. I made two bottles for the lab technicians at my husband's work, as it was one of them who gave him the rose petals, and she was amazed at the smell and how I'd managed to make it when she'd only handed over the flowers the afternoon before.


The added benefit of rose water is that it's positively uplifting. The same study mentioned above said that rose damascus in particular has an effect on mice like diazapem, inducing prolonged sleeping time, and is also as an analgesic. Plus, cardiovascular health and lung function. The more I read, the closer I'm getting to going to my local nursery to see if I can get one - or twenty - in. Honey, wanna make me a rose garden? Whilst it might sound an arduous task, I argue, smell these roses babe!!

A HUNDRED YEARS from now, dear heart,
We shall not care at all,
It will not matter then a whit,
The honey or the gall.
The summer days that we have known
Will all forgotten be and flown;
The garden will be overgrown
Where now the roses fall.
- From 'In a Rose Garden' - John Bennett

Price of a rose water toner at the chemist? Well, it's not terribly expensive - around 10 dollars, particularly for an alcohol free, all natural one that many recommend. But making your own heavenly scented rosewater? Filling your house with the scent of rose petals? Running your fingers through their velvety petals? The romance of your husband bringing you an abundance of rose petals?



This post was written in response to Natural Medicine's challenge this October, which asks us to make a 'product' from natural ingredients that may have medicinal value, or perhaps might replace a store bought product that could be unhealthy. Catch the challenge here for the chance to win up to 40 Steem, plus LOTUS tokens - and you can enter as many times as you like!


Have you ever made a hydrosol?

Do you grow roses for medicine?


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Ah yes I love rose water! My mother gave me a batch a couple of weeks ago that she freshly made from handpicking her roses. I love using it as a morning facial spritzer. The smell is wonderful and your skin feels so refreshed. Love the pics of those beautiful petals ~


Isnt it gorgeous? Making more today for gifts. Are you entering the challenge?

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How about eating Rose petals, I believe that they are edible like Hibiscus flowers :D @riverflows

I soo love them. They smell amazing, been using them for ages and really works wonderful. Regards :)


You have made a rose hydrosol? What else do you use them for?

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Oh, that must have been heavenly in your house that day!

I have 1 damascus rose that appeared inside the lilac bush a couple years ago. I've left it there, as there's no digging it out w/o killing both. I got quite a few flowers off it last year. No idea where it came from...

My friend, well said but I also thought of what about eating other Foodstuffs aside those ones you mentioned. @riverflows

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What do you mean? I wasnt talking about food?

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This is great! I make an infused raw organic apple cider vinegar with roses and other herbs (calendula, white yarrow {Achillea millefolium}, comfrey { S. officinale}, and sometimes witch hazel {Hamamelis virginiana}) to make a facial cleanser. Once it infuses for a week or two, I strain the flowers out, dilute to a 50/50 strength of infused vinegar to purified water and store in a glass jar with plastic lid (I don't use metal because it will corrode and get into the infusion). Your toner idea would be a great refreshing toner for after cleansing. I'm going to make this to spritz on my face after using the herbal facial cleanser. We grow roses for this purpose and to add to our tea. Thanks for sharing!


That toner sounds perfect!! I'm going to try that once my herbs grow. I just made another batch with just a tiny drop of rose essential oil and a drop of frankincense to give as a gift and it smells freaking divine. The kinda thing that makes you happy when you're out and feeling grumpy - a quick spritz and a smile! No plastic bottles!!!

I see this post and I'm reminded of the regret I feel for having to sell our essential oil steam distiller before leaving Cambodia. Hydrosols were a byproduct in the runoff steam water, and we loved using them for various things.


Oh damn!!!!! We are about to get into distilling.

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Ah River! You just make me smile with all your glorious antidotes in this post - so much better then a simple how to post! And you've inspired me to get out and collect some rose petals (we have lots of wild roses growing by our place plus some domestic ones in the garden) although I'll have to wait until next summer! Until then I shall dream of the sweet roses permeating the house!


It really is amazing... wild rose spritzer sounds awesome!!! I am in LOVE with it!!

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I could almost smell the roses when reading your words. Thank you for this wonderful information. It seems less daunting to make this now. I had no idea about the relaxation qualities of Rose oil. I do remember my grandma using it in lotion before bed.

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