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Here is Rep 51 from @Booster & Me. Welcome back to the land of the visible :)


Wow! I didn't realize the reputation could be effected that much so fast. Bernie's rep was 6 feet under!


I will hire you soon to promote some of my posts...


now just watch him and @fyrst-witness climb up in the witness numbers :)
giphy (27).gif

  ·  작년

@berniesanders I've noticed you have had great success with those @steemmonsters giveaways you have been running. If you just make those a regular thing, your rep will be restored faster than Roseanne's TV show gets cancelled. I never thought I would see the day when your rep is above zero, but here we are. I am proud of you son.

If you run out of ideas for posts, you could just do what other "quality" shit posting Steemians like Jerry do and post nonsensical posts on "How to fix Steem" and "How to make Steemit a better place" or crowd favourite amongst some authors "SMT's are coming everyone!!111"

  ·  작년

Bernie if you get back to a positive number, the internet might break... it might be like searching for google inside the

It causes a singularity in the quantum level...



Well no singularity bro :P

Abrahmovic zaltan n u are similar... Lions... Lions dont compare themselves to humans... Negative was coool

damn - up from -6 to -4 in a matter of minutes - freaking amazing ;)

  ·  작년

Bad Reputation

He was paralyzed
Really funny picture

  ·  작년

Big reputation, you got a bigggg reputation ohhhh.

Hello, good reputation

It is going to start flying up pretty quick. You should be in the + in no time...

We've all been down this road before

I'll risk it!
All abooooAAARRD!

oh boy almost there almost there ... :)

  ·  작년

good comment good upvote

  ·  작년

Congratulation! You did the first step already and now you will be in the green zone :)


Congratulations good reputation!

Hehehe gogo Bernie. I have a feeling that since you hit -10 you rank up a lot faster
When you hit 0 I think we should party somehow

You're a two!!! Woooooooohoooooo! 😁

Damn, bro! Back on the plus side!


There is something wrong with this...

I feel like I should flag you to balance the force or something ;)

Hey, congrats on getting your reputation back in the positive numbers! While some of your doing might seem controversial to a few, I think you deserve to be labelled a reputable member of the community. I mean it's just a number with not all that much meaning, but still. Take care bernie!

Good to see its going up nicely!


Making 'Bernie' real again, good to see you made it back from the darkside.

I can see you have a positive reputation now. Congrats 🎊

I think 15 minutes ago i saw you at 48, now 47. Assuming its haejin or roncho or the third asshole profile he blows. Can only resteem. May be someone who can give you SP will upvote.

Are you the real Bernie Sanders, or have I been bamboozled?

lol i would just post a smiley. that should do the job

Feel the bern, heal the bern. Wow you went from -10 to 51, you’re 😎 awesome. I’ve followed your battles (btw-I agree with all of them) and never commented before till now. Love how you ripped the opportunistic from hajin to jerryscamfield. Go Bernie Go!

When you are resurected from the dead and will all now fu** all the living, lol

  ·  작년

How did you get your rep so high so quickly?

Congratulations @berniesanders!
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